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Energy Efficient Windows

There are many different types of energy efficient windows that not only help cut down our energy bills but also help save our environment. If you want to minimize the cost of either cooling down your home or alternately heating it up, selecting the right type of energy saving window as well as its construction… Read More

Egress Windows: An All Important Emergency Exit

The laws of physics being what they are, many basements equipped with badly built egress windows  are prone to flooding,  This is because water always travels from high to low ground. Therefore, even if one does not live in a flood prone area, it is still possible to have a flooded house, especially for constructions… Read More

3 Advantages of Double Pane Windows

Double pane windows are a form of insulated glazing that has multiple glass panes (two or even three as the case may be) that are typically separated from each other with a small space in between that  may be filled with inert gas. This is done to ensure that heat is retained evenly in the… Read More

Different Types of Windows

Broadly defined, a window is ‘any opening in a structure that allows the ingress of light, sound and wind and when closed, it effectively blocks the same’.  Depending on seasonal variances, weather and the personal preference of the home dweller, almost all windows may be opened or closed as and when desired. In fact, ever… Read More

Casement Windows: An Overview

A casement window, by its very design is a particular type of window that moves on its frame courtesy at least one or more hinges that are attached on the side of the window. As a general rule, such windows are equipped with a sash that tends to open in a horizontal direction directly opposite the… Read More