MULTI-FAMIILY Gutter Replacement & Installation

Residing in Minnesota exposes us to some of the most unpredictable weather patterns Mother Nature has to offer. Minnesota Exteriors Commercial (MEC) offers a variety of top-quality, weather-resistant exterior solutions designed to tackle these extreme conditions and resist damage from continuous exposure to the elements. Our seamless, aluminum gutters are engineered to safeguard your roofs and the structural integrity of your commercial properties, while also preventing soil erosion.

MEC stands as one of the premier commercial gutter installation companies in Minneapolis, St. Paul, and the Twin cities surrounding area. With decades of experience in installing seamless aluminum gutters and downspouts for businesses, we consistently stay aware of the latest advancements to ensure our customers receive the finest Rainware Systems on the market.

Minnesota Exteriors Commercial (MEC) installs 5″ and 6″ seamless, residential-grade gutters on multi-family and commercial properties. MEC does not install commercial-grade gutters.

"Our roof and gutters were damaged in a storm, [Our team member] came out right away to take a look. He kept in contact with my insurance company to make sure we were getting exactly what we needed. They stayed in contact and within 2 weeks they dropped off materials and had the roof completed the very next day. All of our neighbors were still waiting on their different companies months later! We are very happy with their work and will always use [MEC]!"
- Carissa
"Great communication. Friendly and professional staff. Great value at a fair price."
- Cody
"We were very happy with our entire experience from beginning to end which included replacing siding and gutters. Highly recommend [our team member] and Minnesota Exteriors, Inc."
- Michelle

Seamless Aluminum Gutters in Minnesota

At Minnesota Exteriors Commercial, our seamless aluminum gutters and downspouts provide cost-effective solutions with minimal upkeep. These gutters come in an extensive range of colors and are designed to resist scuffing and metal markings. Tailored specifically for your multi-family, condominium, townhouse, or commercial buildings, our seamless gutters ensure a flawless fit and superior protection.

K Style Gutter Design

Gutter Design: K Style Gutters

Our gutters feature a K-Style profile, which refers to the distinctive design along the gutter’s face. This design, resembling an elongated double-curved “S,” is not only visually appealing but also aids in preventing debris from getting lodged in small spaces. Reach out to the experts at MEC to discover more about K-Style Design gutters.

Benefits of a Seamless Gutter

Seamless gutters are custom-measured and crafted on-site to perfectly fit each distinct property. They are termed seamless because the only seams present are at the corners. With an array of color options available, you are free to select a shade that complements any multi-family or commercial exterior.

Seamless-style gutters are designed to prevent leaks and water damage from damaging your commercial building. They maintain their strength without warping or becoming brittle over time. They are even resistant to cracking during the harsh, freezing winters of Minnesota.

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Benefits of Multi-Family Aluminum Gutters


Aluminum gutters provide exceptional strength, resisting damage from snow and hail. Their resilience to temperature variations prevents cracking or shattering, making them ideal for the climate of Minneapolis-St. Paul, and a go-to for property managers.

Rust Free

In contrast to other metals like stainless steel or copper, aluminum gutters are immune to rust and oxidation. This ensures they maintain a fresh appearance through every changing season.

Increased Water Capacity

MEC offers both 5-inch and 6-inch aluminum gutters, enhancing the Rainware System’s capacity to divert a larger volume of water away from the property. This broader channel can prevent gutter overflow, especially during long periods of heavy rain in Minnesota.


Drooping gutters are often a reason for multi-family gutter replacement. Aluminum is a lightweight, strong material resistant to sagging. This quality not only prolongs the lifetime of the gutters but also protects the soffit and fascia, extending their durability.

The Importance of Quality Gutters In Midwest Winters

Premium gutters and downspouts are crucial year-round, especially in the Twin Cities where winters are characterized by rainy and snowy conditions with freezing weather. A well-functioning Rainware System is essential for your commercial property’s exterior. When water accumulates in the gutters and freezes, it expands, potentially causing damage to the fascia board. This, in turn, could lead to cracks in the building’s foundation. Additionally, pooled water can freeze and form ice dams, causing runoff to overflow the gutters and form icicles.

  • Ice dams can cause gutters to break under the weight of the ice.
  • Pools of backed up water may cause roofs to leak.

Installing a robust Rainware System from your multi-family building and ensuring regular maintenance to clear potential clogs can prevent winter damage to your commercial roofing and foundation. The experts at Minnesota Exteriors Commercial can assist in selecting seamless, aluminum gutters that seamlessly blend with your existing exterior, providing long-lasting protection for your properties.

Minnesota Exteriors Commercial welcomes you to visit our showroom, where you can personally experience the quality and durability of our products. See for yourself how our solutions provide exceptional protection and longevity for your property.

Decades of Commercial Gutter Replacement in Minnesota

If you require gutter replacement or professional installation for a new complex, selecting a trustworthy team is crucial. With decades of experience, MEC specializes in installing high-quality gutters that endure the harsh winters of the Midwest, ensuring the protection of your properties.

The professional gutter installation team at MEC provides top-rated services for gutter installation in the Twin Cities area. We take pride in completing each job correctly, on schedule, and at competitive rates. You can rely on our professional contractors for unwavering dedication to…

  • Quality
  • Trust
  • Experience

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