Manufactured Stone Veneer Siding

The perfect addition to your homes’ exterior is beautifully handcrafted manufactured stone veneer. Minnesota Exteriors carries an extensive selection of stone from the number one stone supplier on the market, ProVia. At MEI, we have one of the largest manufactured stone displays in the Twin Cities showing different profiles, grout colors, mortar joint sizing and accessories.

Like Minnesota ExteriorsProVia is a family-owned company built on higher standards of integrity, accountability and quality. Our team will work with you to make sure you get exactly what you are looking for, for your home’s exterior. Contact us today for a free estimate.

What is Manufactured Stone Veneer?

Artificial stone veneer, manufactured stone veneer, faux stone veneer, cultured stone veneer; many different names are used when referring to this material, and they are all accurate. Each calls out to the stones’ most prominent attribute, being meticulously man-made. Manufactured stone has been on the market for more than 50 years, but very few manufacturers have perfected the color palate, structure, and versatility as well as ProVia.

Manufactured stone can bring a one-of-a-kind appeal to any architectural style, including:

  • Mid-century modern
  • American craftsman
  • Ranch
  • Farmhouse

Manufactured Stone vs. Natural Stone: What’s the Difference?

Our durable, unique, and carefully colored stone veneer is manufactured by ProVia. The quality of this stone veneer is truly top tier and unmatched by any other stone manufacturer. Each stone is cast out of a light weight, shale aggregate and poured cement making it 2.5 times stronger than typical manufactured stone. The light weight aggregate makes for a lighter finished product. That, along with the standard flat surface on the back, makes for easy installation.

Natural stone is mined straight from a quarry and can be quite dense. If not perfectly sawed on the back, natural stone veneer is difficult to install, and if too heavy, requires the use of a foundation to hold its weight.

A lighter, more versatile manufactured stone will not need a foundation, making it easier to replace or repair in the future. Additionally, these stone products are voluntarily third-party tested and certified through the IAPMO product certification agency and meet or exceed ASTMIBC and IRC standards.

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Types of Stone

Stone profiles vary in size and shape, and coloring can give each stone a different look. For a more dramatic edge there are:

  • Natural Cut
  • Edge Cut
  • Chisel Cut 

These profiles give more of a defined finish to your project.

For a more rugged masonry look with squares, rectangles, and other irregular shapes, there are:

  • Ridge Cut
  • Terra Cut
  • Ledgestone
  • Drystack
  • Limestone 

For a cobblestone feel, we offer two very unique shaped stones.

  • Fieldstone
  • River Rock

To learn more about the various types of stone that MEI offers, visit our incredible showroom in the Twin Cities area.

How to Choose Grout/Mortar

Grout or mortar adhere stone to the exterior surface of your home and can be seen between each stone. Grout choice can depend on:

  • The profile of the stone facade 
  • Personal preference

The color of the grout, the depth of the mortar joint and the spacing of your stones can make the exact same profile and color of stone look completely different. A stone veneer with a mixture of light grays and whites will really pop against intense, black mortar joints, whereas the same coloring of stone with white mortar joints will brighten up, appearing calmer and more neutral.

Visit our showroom to see the effect grout and mortar color can have on your stone project.

Add the Right Finishing Touches to Your Stone Veneer

Our stone products and accessories are available in various colors sure to match your manufactured stone veneer. Whether you are trimming a stone wainscoting across the front of your home, need sills for your windows or would like to add a bold keystone over your front door, we can help create the perfect finishing touch. Add that final polish and enhance your curb appeal with a custom-made, horizontal address stone in grey or buff.

Frequently Asked Questions About Manufactured Stone Veneer

Q. How thick is artificial stone veneer?

A. Stone thickness will vary with each profile, but all are considered to be a thin veneer and will range between 3/4” and 2 1/5” in total thickness.

Q. Will manufactured stone veneer fade or change color over time?

A. Like most home exterior products, cultured stone veneer will weather after time spent exposed to the elements. Similar to that of natural stone, colors will lose a bit of their contrast over the years. To preserve the coloring, sealing the stone with a masonry sealer can be very helpful.

Q. How do I clean my manufactured stone veneer?

A. Cleaning your exterior stone can be done with a soft bristle brush and a solution of granulated soap and water. Rinse immediately after with fresh water. Because it is lightweight and made with a shale aggregate, it is not recommended to use a wire brush, power-washer, sandblaster or any acid or acid-based products to clean your stone.

Q. What is efflorescence and how can I treat it?

A. Efflorescence is a white/yellow powder that sometimes forms on the surface of veneer products. It is the result of free lime in the cement dissolving into the mixing water. Efflorescence should be cleaned immediately from the surface by scrubbing with a soft bristle brush and clean water. Rinse immediately and allow to dry; repeat the process if it is still visible.

Design Your Dream Home Exterior with Cultured Stone Veneer From MEI

With dozens of stone profiles and colors to choose from, you can get creative and blend combinations of colors and shapes to create something truly custom and unique. ProVia stone is artfully crafted and manufactured. Whether you’re looking for stone veneer steps or stone veneer siding, it’s guaranteed to create that seamless, natural look. Grouting techniques and the color of grout chosen can also add to the overall design and feel of your final masonry project. Get your FREE estimate on ProVia stone, today.

Spend some time at our showroom to browse our ever-growing manufactured stone veneer display and let the design experts at Minnesota Exteriors help you choose the perfect stone to boost your home’s curb appeal.

Contact us today to learn more information about stone veneer cost and installation.  Minnesota Exteriors proudly provides manufactured stone services in Minneapolis, St. Paul and other nearby Twin Cities areas.

Find the Perfect Stone for Your Project

Minnesota Exteriors is one of the largest siding installation companies in the Twin Cities, and we offer a great variety of high-quality exterior siding products with hundreds of colors and styles to choose from. Manufactured stone veneer is an excellent choice to complement your siding. You can find a design that enhances your existing siding, or work with our team to create something completely new.

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