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Upgrade 101: Can You Paint Vinyl Siding?

If you’re looking to refresh the exterior of your home, the siding may be one of the first places you look. But can you paint vinyl siding? Yes, you can. Painting your exterior vinyl siding is a budget-friendly and easy way to update your home’s look. Before starting this home renovation project, however, it’s important… Read More

How to Spot Hail Damage on Your Siding

When large storms pass through the midwest, it’s not uncommon to hear about quarter-size hail damage or worse. Damaged siding, shingles, gutters, windows, and even plants can all be left behind in the wake of a powerful storm. Knowing the steps to take after a severe storm hits and exactly how to spot hail damage… Read More

5 Home exterior trends in 2019

Have you decided on your New Year’s resolution yet? Maybe it is getting around to those home improvement projects that you keep putting off? It is never too late to start researching what the latest home exterior trends are going to be for 2019. From colorful siding to updated windows, there is a world of… Read More

4 Popular Home Siding Trends

Updating your siding can give your house a very different appearance. And in addition to making your house more beautiful, you might make it easier to maintain. Here are four home siding trends that could make you feel like you have a new home. 1. Wood pattern. Woodgrain gives your home a cozy, warm appeal…. Read More