3 Advantages of Double Pane Windows

Double pane windows are a form of insulated glazing that has multiple glass panes (two or even three as the case may be) that are typically separated from each other with a small space in between that  may be filled with inert gas. This is done to ensure that heat is retained evenly in the room where the double pane windows are located. A common type of double pane window is the ‘Storm Window’.

Storm windows are external windows that may cover the primary windows of the house and not only help retain heat in extremely cold climates, but also help prevent the main windows from highly adverse weather conditions  such as hailstorms, snow and heavy rainfall.

Advantages of Double Pane Windows

1. Save up on extensive heating bills

A double pane window can retain a surprisingly high amount of heat and as such is a ‘must have’ if you want to curb runaway energy bills. In fact, they have been known to allow energy savings of up to fifty percent or so.

2. Environmentally friendly

Another advantage of double pane windows is that they help reduce your overall energy footprint. The lesser the energy consumed vial fossil fuels the lesser the harmful emissions and noxious smoke and gases released.

3. Sound pollution

Double plane glass also aids in controlling sound pollution as the twin layers of gas coupled with the inert gas in between aid in greatly reducing any ambient sound in the immediate environs of the structure.

How double pane windows are constructed:


The glass panes in double pane windows are usually at least 6 mm thick. They may be crystal clear for maximum ingress of light as well as visibility or tinted to tone down harsh sunlight and give a softer hue to the room. Some outer panes are also layered with a one way mirror finish to afford the residents an extra measure of privacy. All the different types of glass are specially treated to handle thermal stress and the ability to withstand violent storms so that they do not break and destroy the insulation so offered.


With many double paned windows, a spacer is used to ensure that the two panes are kept separate from each other. The space between the two panes is pre-determined for optimum airflow as well as heat retention. This is where highly professional glaziers come in. Not having the right space between the panes would mean a lot of heat energy would be dissipated, thereby reducing the functionality of the window.

Gas filling

In lieu of a vacuum, some double pane windows have inert Krypton or Argon gases. They not only help increase insulation but also greatly increase heat retention as well.


While many frames are made of aluminum or other metals, the most effective double pane window frames tend to be fiber glass. This is because fiber glass itself is an excellent insulator, while being light and totally immune to warping in the long run.