Say No to Sticky Windows

A door or window (be it a living room window or a front door) that sticks is seldom, if ever equated with any structural weaknesses in the foundations. In fact, few people even pay any attention to it due to the fact that such issues tend to go away of their own accord. Nevertheless, sometimes it is important to take care of such issues irrespective of how minor they may seem.

How to figure out if there is a sticky window in your home?

  • Openings (both windows as well as doors) pop out of their frames
  • A lot of strength is needed to open or shut them
  • Windows are warped and it’s not easily opened or closed
  • Cracks form at or near the frames

A door or window that suddenly refuses to open and shut properly could create problems for any house owner since it often is a symptom of more complex issues involving the foundation of the structure. There are a few guidelines to figure out if it is just wood warping due to a change in weather or an actual structural issue. In either case, it is always better to install new windows in your home to make sure that not only does the window look aesthetically appealing but also remains functional as well.

As a matter of fact, more homeowners should pay attention to sticking windows because they may well be a sign of foundation problems. It is advisable to observe the area around the cracks closely, check, and see if there are any big ones surrounded by large cracks.

Whether inside or outside the house, if those cracks are there, the odds are more than even, that the structure itself is at fault.

However, wafer thing hairline cracks may simply mean ‘shrinking concrete’; an inevitable part of construction, as concrete grows old over a period of years. Another non-structural reason for sticky windows may be rain or snowfall as water is known to cause wood to bloat and render it out of alignment. In either case, it would be better to simply install new windows.

However, large cracks both inside and outside the structure, coupled with dislocated slabs of masonry around windows that refuse to close properly may mean foundation trouble. The integrity of your home is inherently based on its foundation; if the foundation fails, the house itself just might collapse thereby putting the lives and safety of its inmates at risk.

Should there be any tell tale signs of large scale structural and foundation damage, it is highly advisable to not wait but call in the professionals who would either install new windows or advise you regarding the foundation and structural integrity of your dream home.