5 Types of New Windows for Your Home

So you want to install a set of new windows for your home? There is a veritable plethora of different types, designs and categories to choose from. Once you have decided as to what kind of new window you want to install, you may then move on to the materials you will need for their construction. Some popular window types include

Different types of new windows

French windows

They generally open on a lawn and are part of a pair of windows. They open in the middle and extend all the way to the floor of your room.

Bay windows

These windows were popularized during the Victorian era in England and have retained their elegance to this day. They offer a panoramic view of the outside world and moreover are very beautiful. They consist of a central pane flanked by two different panes constructed at an angle to the main window.

Casement Windows

These windows are suitable for warm regions and are engineered in such a way that they help ensure a steady flow of air into the house and guide the breeze directly into the house in warm climates. They offer very good ventilation since they are hinged from the sides and once opened, catch the wind and direct it into the room much like the sails of a seaborne schooner.  These windows help ensure that the room is never stuffy.

Egress Windows

If you are looking to install new windows, then it is advisable that you consider ‘egress windows’ as part of your overall home improvement plans. Such windows may help save your life as well as the lives of your loved ones because they are essentially emergency exit windows and are used to exit a structure quickly and safely in case of fire, flooding or any other contingency that requires immediate egress from your property.

Picture window

A picture window is basically a window that is permanently affixed to its position and merely exists to provide a view of the outside environment. It is not capable of being opened or shut.


Construction materials

Once you have decided on the kind of new window you want to install in your home, you would have a large number of choices when it comes to construction materials.


It is light, easy to install and relatively inexpensive. It is also both durable, as well as reliable since it can sustain the weight of even large panes with a smaller frame and as such allows more sunlight and air. It is UV radiation poof and imperious to the weather and humidity. It is also corrosion proof to boot.


It is by far the most traditional material used for constructing windows of any sort. Its core advantage lies in the fact that wooden window frames, irrespective of whether they have been  painted or polished, always tend to give a touch of class to any window as well as the wall in which it has been constructed.