Slider Windows

Slider windows are quite different from their more traditional counterparts, such as Awnings and Egress windows, in the sense that they don’t swing open ala Casement windows or open vertically either.  Rather they ‘slide’ horizontally and offer excellent lighting and ventilation options without the hassle of a swinging type window that would need to be repainted repeatedly due to its near constant exposure to the elements. Such windows offer many advantages over other types of windows

They are low on maintenance

Since they are not exposed to rust and corrosion and rotting if they were to open outwards they require somewhat less maintenance then other types of windows.  A slider (provided it’s installed correctly and its sliding points are well lubricated) may well work fine for many years.

Energy Efficient

Slider windows tend to be more energy efficient then other types due to their relatively straightforward mode of operation. Moreover, proper glazing as well as installation can help ensure that colder air does not seep in while ambient external noise is also kept at a bare minimum.

Exceptional ventilation

During warm weather, they offer excellent ventilation properties. This is because once both the sliders are opened, warm air (that rises) escapes through the upper part of the window while the more heavier colder air seeps in, thus keeping the room cool.

A more modern look

Sliders as opposed to the ubiquitous casement (and their slightly old fashioned traditional look) window gives a more modernistic look to your home.

Excellent view

Sliding windows are much larger than double-hung windows. Since the human eye is genetically pre-disposed to look at the world through a horizontal (side to side) world view as opposed to a vertical (down to up ) view, a slider window provides a more ‘natural’ look to any structure.

Ease of operation

The core purpose of any window is to allow light as well as fresh air into a room. If a window is difficult to open, it defeats the very purpose of its construction. This is an area where the humble ‘slider window’ truly shines, since one of its primary benefits is their overall ease of operation.  As long as the maintenance has been done regularly and it’s well lubricated, the odds are such a window would easily be pushed open with even a single hand. Therefore, if part of your window is in a place that has been covered by a cupboard or other furniture and it’s difficult to open. This problem can easily be solved by installing a slider window to make sure that fresh air and ambient light remain accessible in your home, day in day out.