Why is Storm Damage Repair so Important?

storm damage

A storm can cause damage to your home – damage that can be either easy to see or barely noticeable at first. Whether this damage is immediately visible or not, it’s wise to check into it. Why is it so important to find and fix storm damage? Here are seven issues storm damage can cause.

Cracked or lost shingles

Storms can cause shingles to lose their granules. Storms can also cause shingles to break.

Leaks and holes

When shingles can no longer do their job, water may be able to enter your home more easily. This water may cause …

Wall discoloration

You want to remember this summer from photographs and stories, not from marks on your walls.

Water buildup

Water is beautiful at the lake. Not in your basement.

Rot and mold

These issues are definitely not pleasant – or very safe.

Gutter damage

After a strong storm, even your gutters may be impacted.

Structural damage

When water finds its way into your home, it can affect your roof and safety.

Contact a professional for storm damage restoration

Rather than wonder if a storm has caused damage, it’s smart to have a professional check your home. You’ll feel more secure knowing an experienced pro has taken a look at your roof, siding and windows. You want to correct any issues before they get worse.

When choosing a home exterior professional, it’s smart to choose a local contractor with an established reputation. Check contractors’ ratings on the Better Business Bureau website. Ask to see their proof of insurance, and contractor’s license. You want to make sure your contractor is qualified and skilled.

Minnesota Exteriors has served Minnesota for 70 years. We have an A+ rating on the Better Business Bureau website, and you can feel confident asking us to check your home. MEI customer references are available on our website. We’re committed to providing quality service you can recommend to your friends and family. Give us a call and schedule a free storm damage inspection. We’ll help you keep your home beautiful and well-maintained.