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Professional Gutter Installation

Living in Minnesota means experiencing each season's harshest extremeswhich can take a significant toll on your home's exterior. While there are several obvious ways that the elements can weaken a home, the gutter system can be easily, and unfortunately, overlooked. 

Minnesota Exteriors is one of the top gutter installation companies in Minneapolis. We have years of experience in installing seamless aluminum gutters and downspouts. Our trained exterior contractors will factor in the roofline, aesthetics, and the roof's area to design a water diversion system appropriate for your home.

Gutter Installation Services in MN from Minnesota Exteriors

Why do I need gutters on my home? 

On roofs, gutters perform the critical role of controlling and guiding runoff rainwater away from the foundation of the building — where it could otherwise wash away the soil, erode your foundation, flood your basement, and destroy your landscaping. 

It’s important to have a high-quality gutter system that is professionally installed at all times of the year. A faulty gutter system will eventually cause many problems such as roof leaks and fascia damage. 

As one of the top gutter installation companies in the Twin Cities, Minnesota Exteriors recognizes the importance of installing high-quality gutter systems that provide effective roof drainage year-round. 

Contact us for a FREE estimate on professional gutter installation in Minneapolis and Saint Paul. 

The Importance of Gutters in the Snowy Midwest

ice and snowy house gutters

Rain gutters are essential year-round, but Minnesota's extreme winter weather demands an especially well-functioning and perfectly installed system. 

When water pools in gutters it turns to ice and expands, damaging the fascia board. When it eventually cracks a home's foundation, it can cost thousands of dollars in repairs. Poor quality gutters that allow water to pool in the winter can also lead to ice dams

  • Ice dams can cause your gutters to break under the weight of the ice. 
  • Pools of backed up water may cause your roof to leak. 

Avoid it all by having structurally sound, unclogged gutters before winter arrives. 

Get a free estimate from our contractors on gutter installation in and around the Minneapolis and Saint Paul areas. 

Minnesota Exteriors can even invite you to visit our showroom. In our showroom, you can test the quality of our products for yourself to see just how protective and long-lasting they truly are.

Aluminum Gutter Styles

Aluminum is the most dependable gutter material. It comes in a few different styles, which all have their benefits and limitations. The right types of house gutters for you will depend on your budget, home, and personal preferences. 

K-Style (Ogee Gutters)

K-style, or Ogee, gutters are the most popular style for houses and are commonly made of aluminum. Ogee refers to an architectural design that entails an elongated double curved "S" shape. In this case, it's the shape of the gutter's front face. 

k-style gutters

From the side, K-Style gutters look similar to crown molding. These gutters withstand large amounts of debris, never rust, and provide a seamless finish that prevents leaks. One downside is that their sharp corners can make them harder to clean. 

Reach out to learn more about k-style gutters.


Half-round gutters are commonly used on historical or stylized homes because their shape matches a more distinct appearance. As the name suggests, they are rounded, like a pipe cut lengthwise.

half-round gutters

Due to their round shape, these require less maintenance since there are no corners for debris to hide. This shape also makes routine gutter cleaning more manageable, even more with gutter guards added (also called gutter covers). A disadvantage is that they're more expensive than others per linear foot and require specialty parts, resulting in a more complicated installation. 

Reach out to learn more about half-round gutters.


Seamless gutters are personally tailored gutters that won't be built until the contractor arrives at your home with equipment to custom fit them. We call them 'seamless' because the only seams are at the corners. With these, you have dozens of color options.

The seamless character of this style prevents leaking and water damage. Seamless gutters may be perfect for your unique home with a custom fit, and they won't warp or become brittle like vinyl gutters. The downside is that if the gutter is damaged, the entire gutter run must be replaced, not just the broken section. Seamless aluminum gutters are also typically more expensive than vinyl.

Contact us for a FREE estimate on professional gutter installation in the Minneapolis and Saint Paul area today. 

Benefits of Aluminum Gutters

Aluminum gutters are the highest quality option for homeowners. They're trusted to last over 20 years and don't rust. They can carry a higher volume of water, too, which means they won't back up. And they're lightweight so that they won't sag.


Generally, aluminum gutters last upwards of 20 years. Aluminum is one of the most durable materials out there, which matters for those who live in Minneapolis and Saint Paul. Home exteriors in the midwest need to withstand the abuse of all four seasons. 

Rust Free

Unlike other metal options (like stainless steel gutters) aluminum is a material that won't rust. It can be counted on to withstand weather and maintain its effortlessly good looks.

High Water Capacity

Aluminum's strength allows the gutters to have a wider channel. This strength enables the system to carry a lot more water away from your home without sustaining damage.


Sagging is often the first reason why gutter repair or gutter replacement becomes needed. Sagging won't happen with aluminum gutters because the material is so lightweight and strong.

Contact us for a FREE estimate on professional gutter installation in the Minneapolis and Saint Paul area today. 

Three Signs of a Bad Home Gutter Installation 

contractor installing gutters

It's tempting to try to install gutters yourself, but this can be difficult –dangerous even– without the right tools and experience. Minnesota Exteriors is a reputable company you can trust to get the job done right without taking shortcuts. 

Here are a few signs of a poor installation job we can help you avoid...

Loose, Damaged, or Missing Gutters

These acts of carelessness will allow water to run off your roof. If this happens in excess, water can seep into the siding, trim, windows, or foundation. As water and moisture intrude, it could lead to an infestation of mold, dry rot, and foundation damage. In cold weather, pooling water could turn to ice – leading to even more costly and invasive repairs.

Missing Eave Flashing

A lack of flashing between the gutters and wooden roof support is a standard shortcut. Missing flashing exposes a home's exterior to the water and debris that flows through the gutters. This can cause dry rot, termites, and other insect infestations.

Poor Placement of Downspout

Poor placement or an insufficient number of downspouts can result in standing water and overflows. Standing water could cause erosion, roof damage, siding damage, foundation damage, and gutter damage. 

Decades of Experience in MN Gutter Installation

"In this day and age, customer service means nothing, however, dealing with your company was a true pleasure. The installer went way above my expectations in order to make me happy." – Patricia, Minneapolis, MN

"MEI was the best choice I could have made. They took their time and made sure I was completely satisfied every step of the way. My neighbors say I have the prettiest house on the block." – Roberts, Eagan, MN

"We immediately felt our home was in good hands. The installers demonstrated skill, attention to detail.” – James and Lorinda, Champlin, MN

Minnesota Exteriors Gutter Installers

Whether you need gutter repair, gutter replacement, or professional gutter installation for a new home, it's vital to choose a team you can trust. Minnesota Exteriors has decades of experience installing high-quality gutters that can withstand harsh midwest winters to keep your home protected. 

Our professional gutter installers deliver highly recommended services for gutter installation around the Twin Cities. We pride ourselves on getting the job done correctly, on time, and at affordable costs to install. You can count on our professional contractors for total dedication to...

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