Suspect storm damage? Two kinds of checking that need to be done

storm damage

After a hailstorm hits your neighborhood, it’s smart to have a home exterior company check your home for storm damage. But you should also check the home exterior company, to make sure they’re the qualified, trustworthy provider you’re seeking. Here is what home exterior contractors should check – and what you should check about them.

What contractors should check during a storm damage inspection
Storm damage is often not easy to see right away. But if it’s not fixed, it can lead to further issues. That’s why, if you suspect a storm has impacted your home, it’s wise to ask a contractor to take a look at your home exterior. Here are some of the places a trained professional should look:

• Downspouts
• Chimneys
• Flashing

What you should check about your storm damage contractor
When you allow contractors to check (and possibly repair) your home, you want to make sure they are skilled and conscientious. Here are some questions to ask before someone to works on your home:

• What insurance do you have?
• May I see customer references?
• Can you show me your contractor’s license?
• What warranties will I receive?
• Where are you based? How long have you worked in this area?

After storms, sometimes “storm chasers” drive in from out of town to offer repairs. They may be easy to find at first, but harder to locate if there are problems later. To help make sure you are dealing with a reputable company, ask a few questions. It’s not being nosy or rude. A trustworthy, qualified contractor will understand why you need to ask – and be glad to furnish the answers.

Minnesota Exteriors is happy to provide free storm damage inspections. We’ve served Minnesota customers for 70 years. A third-generation, family-owned company, we take personal pride in delivering excellent service. If you think your home may have suffered storm damage, invite us to take a look. We’ll take great care of your home – and you can be confident we’ll be here if you have any questions.