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Hiring Storm Damage Contractors

Minnesota weather can severely punish home exteriors – over a number of years or in a matter of minutes. If hail, wind or other severe weather has damaged your roof, siding or windows, you want to have it repaired promptly.
It's important to select carefully when choosing a storm damage repair contractor to make sure you are working with a reputable company.

Within 24 hours after a severe storm moves through an area, so-called "storm chasers" begin knocking on doors looking to sign up customers for repair work. These companies do not stay in one place very long, are notorious for making promises they can't keep, and can be impossible to track down for warranty work or issues you may have down the road.

If you work with a local, family-owned company like Minnesota Exteriors, you know where to find us long after the work is done.

Don't be rushed into making a decision when selecting your contractor. The time you invest in checking out any potential siding, roofing and window contractor will pay off in the long run.


5 Questions to Ask Every Home Repair Contractor

Is your company local?

When you work with a local company like Minnesota Exteriors, you know we will be here long after the work is done.

Is your company licensed?

If a company is hesitant to show you a valid contractor's license, that should be a huge red flag that this company may have a poor record or may not be licensed at all.

Do you have customer references or examples of your work I can look at?

A trustworthy company will be more than willing to provide you with a list of satisfied customers who can share their experience with you.

Is your company insured?

Along with proof of a license, you should ask for proof of insurance. If your contractor is not insured and a worker gets injured while working on your home, you may be left paying for the treatment.

What warranties come with both the materials that will be used on the home and the actual installation of the products?

Minnesota Exteriors provides a limited lifetime warranty on all workmanship in addition to the manufacturers' warranties on materials.

Carefully screen any potential contractors, including checking for their rating and complaint history on the Better Business Bureau's website. An A+ rating like the one Minnesota Exteriors has is the best possible rating.