5 Roof Issues to Watch for in Minnesota Winters

Minnesota winter storm damage

Everyone wants their roof to be in good condition during Minnesota winter. Your home needs to keep you warm as you prepare for the holidays and settle in for the snowy season. So when you’re outside, cast an eye up at your roof. Check to see if you notice any of these roof issues. If you do, take steps to remedy them. You want your home to be beautiful and comfortable for many winters to come.

Potential winter roof challenges

Whether you live in Monticello or Anoka, Minnesota winter could contribute to these situations:

1. Excessive snow pile-up.

As you’re standing in your yard, it’s a good idea to take a long roof rake and send that huge pile-up of rooftop snow to the ground.

2. Stubborn ice dams.

If roof snow melts, drips to roof outskirts, and becomes ice again, you’ve got ice dams to contend with. Ice dams can keep water from traveling down gutters. They force water to find somewhere else to go – somewhere where it could have a negative effect.

3. Dangling icicles.

If icicles fall, they can really be harmful. Preventing icicles is another good reason to clean out gutter clogs: You want water to be able to go down the gutter instead of forming icicles.

4. Roof leaks.

Leaks may be harder to see from the ground, but their signs can show up elsewhere. They may especially happen around flashings.

5. Attic condensation.

Your attic should be properly insulated and ventilated. This can help you avoid roof condensation – as well as those ice dams we mentioned above.

Catching roof problems while they are just beginning can save you hassle and expense in the future. And preventing them is even better. Further, be safe. Walking on your roof is not recommended.

Contact us know if you have any questions about how to keep your roof in good shape during the winter. We’re a third-generation, family-owned company that has served Minnesotans for decades. We know exactly what it’s like to contend with snow and ice. A trusted local company, it’s important to us that your family is safe and warm year-round.

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