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What to Know About Sashes and Frames

Are you considering window replacement? Find out what to look for and how windows are made. Window replacement should be a one-time investment, so quality materials are very important – especially in cold climates such as Minnesota. Here is some information to help you. Sashes and Frames The frame is the external area of the… Read More

Four Signs You Need Replacement Windows

Installing replacement windows can reduce your energy bills and make your home more beautiful. But it’s also a significant investment. How do you know it’s time to update your windows?  Here are four signs it’s time to make an upgrade. 1. Drafts Do you feel a cool breeze in your home, even when all the… Read More

Getting Foam Insulation Right

Whether it is a commercial or residential property you own, it needs to be properly insulated as the benefits of doing so outweigh the drawbacks. Insulation basically prevents the winter winds from penetrating inside as well as making sure the warm inside air does not escape outside. Installing foam insulation also results in reduced monthly… Read More

Why Homeowners Choose House Extensions

Are you feeling stuck with the size of your home? Have you been exploring ways to accommodate your growing family without having to move house? An innovative, bespoke house extension might be just for you. From creating a new kitchen or dining area, expanding bedrooms and bathrooms, or adding more living space such as a… Read More