What parts of your home could be affected by storm damage?


Snowstorms are not the only type of storm that can leave something behind. Summer and fall storms can bring strong winds, pounding rain and hail. These elements can damage your home. Here are some of the places in your home where warm weather storms may leave their mark. And, here’s what to do about it.

What could be damaged

  • Shingles. Storms can cause roofing shingles to fall off, get impacted or lose granules. After enough wind, rain and hail. you may even find holes.
  • Siding. Your siding could be dented, cracked or pulled away.
  • Soffit and fascia. Soffit (the boards hidden underneath the protruding section of your roof) and fascia (the long narrow board under your roof that is easily visible from the outside) can also be harmed in a storm.
  • Gutters. Your home’s gutters may get dented – sections may even have disappeared.
  • Windows. During a storm, your windows may suffer cracks, or worse.

What to do after a strong storm

If a powerful storm has struck your neighborhood, it’s smart to ask an experienced professional to check your home for damage. The effects of a storm may not be visible right away, but they can still cause lasting issues. Your home should be thoroughly checked, so you can fix any problems before they get worse.

The next question is, who should you ask to inspect your home? Look for a trusted company with an established history in your area. Watch out for “storm chasers” who drive in from out of town. Storm chasers may appear on your doorstep after a storm strikes, but they may not be so easy to find if you have issues in the future.

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