What does autumn mean for your home siding?

your home siding

Fall in Minnesota means a new school year, fresh routines and getting your yard ready for winter. Fall is also a good time to check on your home siding. The season gives you the opportunity to maintain, repair or replace your siding before cold weather strikes. Here are four guidelines to remember as you take care of your home in the fall.

1. Give your siding a good cleaning. Spring and summer weather is beautiful, but it can leave some of the fun behind on your siding. Depending on what kind of siding you have, take this chance to wash your home exterior. It will be much more pleasant to do so now than in December.
2. Check your siding for cracks or gaps. If water finds its way into cracks in your siding, your home could be affected by mold or even rot. In winter, if water gets into gaps between siding and the walls, this moisture could freeze and make gaps worse. Openings can also allow in not-so-cute critters: rodents or insects.
3. If you have siding damage, fixing it before winter can save energy. Replacing cracked, damaged siding with new, well-installed siding can mean reduced energy costs over the winter.
4. Fall weather can be a welcoming environment for siding work. Fall’s mild temperatures can be a great fit for working with materials such as vinyl.

Fall is a beautiful season of vivid colors and striking changes. It’s also a season of preparation. Taking care of your siding is a smart way to prepare for winter. As winter approaches, you’ll be glad to know your house has been well cared for.

If you think you may need siding repair or replacement, contact Minnesota Exteriors for a free estimate. We’ve received Vinyl Siding Institute Awards, as well as Builders Association of the Twin Cities Trillium Awards. When you call us, you can feel confident you’ll receive knowledgeable advice. We’re happy to help: we’ve served Minnesota families for 70 years, and we want to make sure you’re ready for winter.