How to Choose the Best Windows for Minnesota Homes

best windows for your house

Whether you’re choosing replacement windows or building a new home, a certain question is bound to come up: What are the best windows for your house? The answer depends on your unique needs. Here are some of your options for window styles. Which styles sound good to you?

  • Picture windows bring in sunlight and beauty, but cannot be opened. You will need to incorporate additional windows to help with ventilation throughout your home.
  • Bay and bow windows are great accent pieces to an exterior and interior wall. A bay window consists of three windows with varying widths that protrude from your home. They are commonly installed in living rooms, dining rooms, and master bedrooms to add dimension and bring in more sunlight. A bow window is like to a bay window but contains four or more windows joined at equal angles to generate a more uniform curve.
  • Sliding windows, also known as sliders or gliders, are windows that have sashes that allow the window to slide in either direction. Both windows can be opened at the same time to allow for optimal ventilation in your home. One of the best features is, the windows lift out making it very easy to clean.
  • Single- and double-hung windows are always a popular option with homeowners seeking new window installation. The single-hung windows allow you to move the bottom sash up or down while the top sash remains fixed. On double-hung windows, both sashes are operable. This also allows for easy cleaning.
  • Casement windows are attached to the frame on one side and can open out on the other. To open a casement window, you simply open the lever lock and rotate the handle. All casement windows open to a 90-degree angle, allowing fresh airflow throughout your home.
  • Awning windows are hinged at the top and open outwards. Awning windows are usually positioned horizontally allowing for excellent ventilation. Awning windows are great for privacy matters and since they are operated with a crank on the inside, it makes it nearly impossible for intruders to open from the outside.

As you decide which window style to choose, consider … what would be the most comfortable way to open a window in that location? And, what about cost or energy concerns? How will you clean the windows? Appearance is also a factor. Beautiful windows can add to a home’s curb appeal.

Home windows are a long-term investment. When going through the process in finding a window contractor for your home, make sure you do your diligence in finding a company that offers the best quality windows at a competitive price. Minnesota Exteriors gives you the power of choice, allowing you to choose from a wide variety of window styles. Tell us about your home and interests. Our experts will take the time to learn about your lifestyle and priorities. We’ll help you pick the right model for you.

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