The Benefits of Triple Pane Windows

triple pane window disection

Triple pane windows are a form of insulated glazing that has three glass panes separated from each other by a tiny space that may be either a vacuum or filled with inert gas. This is done to ensure that heat is retained consistently in the room where the triple pane windows are located. A common type of triple pane window is the colloquially named ‘Storm Window’.

Your typical Storm window is generally installed outside the home and covers the primary windows of the house and helps trap heat in cold weather. A triple pane external (storm) window also helps prevent damage and everyday wear and tear of your primary window even during adverse weather conditions. Triple pane windows have many advantages over double pane as well as other types of windows.

Greater heat retention

‘Three panes of glass are better than two’ goes the glazier’s adage. And when it comes to heat retention they definitely know what they are talking about. There is a lot of difference between a triple and a double pane window when it comes to heat retention. This is because there are two spacers instead of one and dual layers of either vacuum or inert gasses (such as Argon and Krypton) that greatly increase the overall heat entrapment in the room. In fact, they are said to be at least 20 percent more effective at heat retention than their double pane counterparts. However, they are far heavier, being amongst the heaviest window designs out there and therefore it is recommended that they are used with fiberglass panes to ensure overall structural integrity.

Better sound insulation

A substantial decrease in external sound is often considered a ‘side benefit’ of triple pane windows. This is because Triple Pane Windows offer better insulation against ambient noise pollution when compared to any other type of window. This is due to that added extra glass layer as well as the insulation used in the ‘spacer.’(Foam spacers are an excellent choice) Moreover, the multiple layers of glass enhance the natural soundproofing of this type of window.

Triple Pane windows and condensation

All triple pane windows offer a marked increase in condensation reduction properties because of the ‘dew point’ (the point when the vapor in the air condenses on any solid surface). If the surface temperature of your window is higher, it would lead to less dew condensing on your window thereby ensuring the view outside the window is perfectly crystal clear. This happens due to the overall better insulation offered by the triple pane window and the heat trapped inside the inner panes.