Triple pane windows

Triple pane windows are arguably one of the most advanced forms of energy efficient windows in existence today.

A typical triple pane window is a lot like its double pane counterparts but with an extra pane, added on for good measure to further enhance its already formidable heat retention abilities.  These windows typically consist of not one or two but three individual glass panes. Each pane is separated from the other panes courtesy a small gap. There are basically two different types of triple pane windows:

Vacuum based windows

The gap (also called a ‘spacer’) in between the panes of these windows is a sealed vacuum that has all air pumped out of it to maximize its heat retention qualities.

Gas based windows

They are slightly more expensive than their vacuum based counterparts.  Such windows have their vacuums filled with nonflammable inert gasses such as Argon or Krypton that are directly responsible for further enhancing the heat retention properties of these types  of energy efficient windows. As a general rule, Argon is used for double pane windows, while Krypton is used for triple pane windows and they both offer excellent heat retention abilities provided all other things remain equal such as the spacer gap, the size of the multiple panes of glass as well as the size of the frame itself.

A well-mounted, professionally fixed triple pane window that has been properly caulked and sealed would go a long way in keeping a room warm and cozy quite constantly, thereby ensuring that the overall energy expenses remain almost the same in winter, as they do in summers.

Greater heat retention

‘Three panes of glass are better than two’ is a well-known saying amongst professional glaziers. This is because few people are as well aware of the triple pane window’s energy efficient abilities as those professionals who install them on an everyday basis

This is because the dual spacers (either vacuum based or filled with gas) serve to trap heat in the room where they are located and it has been observed that such triple pane windows have been effective in retaining around 20% more heat than similar double pane windows.  However, Krypton filled triple pane windows are by far and large, amongst the most expensive window designs out there. Moreover, they also require comparatively more expensive fiberglass frames due to their heavier weight. But on the other hand, they more than make up for it with their ability to reduce energy bills while also decreasing the overall environmental footprint for individual homeowners.  For even better heat retention, a mix of both Argon and Krypton is used to fill the twin spacers of these windows.

Bye bye sound pollution

Triple pane windows also offer excellent insulation against all manners of ambient external noise and serve to ensure that your home remains as quiet and noise free as you want it to be, even if you live close to a bustling thoroughfare.