The Key Advantages of Aluminum Siding

The surging popularity of vinyl siding has ensured that it has taken over as the most common form of siding in North America. However, that does not mean that aluminum siding has become a footnote in history. In fact, it has slowly but steadily being considered as an ideal siding option by more and more homeowners today, thanks to the myriad advantages of this type of siding. In fact, there was a time early on in the last century when it was the most common type of siding used and had even surpassed wood sidings in popularity.

Today, aluminum siding is popular for many reasons that have been instrumental in its comeback as a popular, cost-effective alternative to other types of wall sidings.

Some of its many benefits include:


Aluminum siding, in a nutshell, is built to last. Even with a minimum of maintenance, it can easily last for decades on end.   And should inclement weather like violent sandstorms, hail and such like, were to mar the surface area,  a simple ‘sanding and painting’ job would get it shipshape in a jiffy.


If an area has dents, it can either be easily repaired or replaced with a new one that would be seamlessly integrated with the old one. That way the entire exterior of the wall would not have to be replaced, as may be the case with many other types of sidings.

Fire proofing properties

Aluminum siding is widely considered to be fireproof and as such has a crucial advantage over many other kinds of sidings available in the US market.

It can be easily repainted

Unlike vinyl siding, aluminum siding can actually be painted. This is because, unlike vinyl, aluminum has its paint sprayed ‘after’ its construction. With vinyl, any attempts to paint it once it looks worn out, do not succeed because the paint simply drips away.  The only alternative is to change the siding altogether. An expensive proposition in its own right. However, with aluminum siding painting is not an issue and as many different color coats can be applied as desired. This way your house may look fresh after a new coat of paint without the extra cost of buying an all new wall exterior.

Technological evolution

As technology evolved, so did the quality of the aluminum siding available today. The current crop of such sidings is markedly superior in quality to the ones that were introduced back in the 1930s.

No chance of rotting or rusting

Unlike wood, aluminum siding does not bloat or rot or get moldy nor is it prone to cracking at sub-zero temperatures like vinyl siding.  Similarly, it is impervious to rusting and corrosion even in humid areas. Also, unlike natural sidings, aluminum does not become an abode for insects and rodents since it is difficult to chew or use as a nest.