The Advantages of Slider Windows

Slider windows are a relatively new invention when compared to the usual run of the mill windows used in occidental countries since the medieval times.  Unlike French windows or bay windows that require hinges and casements to open, Slider windows remain on their axis and move only horizontally on well-oiled tracks or ‘cantilevers.’ This ability makes them unique from most other types of windows and also allows them to be highly efficient when it comes to offering external light as well as improving overall ventilation in a room.  They have a many advantages over their more conventional counter parts, these include:

· Less requirement for repainting

Unlike windows that swing outward when they are opened a slider window simply remains in the same place and is thereby not exposed to the rigors of a harsh environment. This way it is able to retain its finishing a lot longer then outward swinging windows such as casement windows, bay windows or French windows.

· Low maintenance requirements

The Slider windows’ ability to remain unexposed to the external environment means that the remain safe from the  usual issues with conventional windows such as rust, fading of polish and paint as well as corrosion from the elements (for metal frames) and rotting and warping ( in the case of wooden frames)  because  Slider windows do not swing outwards. All that Slider windows ask for in terms of maintenance is a few drops of lubricant in their cantilever system or their tracks for them to give optimal performance year in year out.

· Slider window equipped homes exude a more modernistic feel

Sliders, unlike their comparatively more archaic counterparts, exude a sense of modernity. This is because apart from oriental Japan, such windows were not very common in the west, where buildings and structures had been dominated by regular outwards swinging windows since time immemorial.

· Highly energy efficient design

Slider windows are usually far more energy efficient than many other types and designs available in the country today.  This is because if they have been set correctly and insulated properly than they can easily outshine most other categories of windows available. They also provide excellent external noise dampening qualities.

· Sliders make ventilation easier

Buying a slider window is a good idea if you live in an area where the prevailing climate is quite hot. This is because in the case of vertical sliders, once both the panes are opened, hot air escapes the room while cold air seeps in from outside. So that circulation and airflow remain constant irrespective of ambient temperature.

· They provide a better outside view

Sliding windows tend to be larger than most of their counterparts, such as Barring bay windows. Moreover, they do not provide any obstruction to the view and as such offer panoramic views that may be comparable only to dedicated ‘picture windows.’