Choosing the Right Door: Storm Door vs. Screen Door Comparison

The exterior entry door is more than a place to welcome friends and family whether it’s a storm door vs. screen door. The right screen door can boost your home’s curb appeal and allow for more natural airflow. During inclement weather, a storm door or storm door with a screen can add protection from residential storm damage.

But how do you know which of the many door options are right for you? We’ll explore the key definitions, differences, and benefits of a storm door and screen door so you can make an informed purchase for your home.

up close view of a storm door handleNoticing bugs and critters creeping in by windows and doors? Learn how to eliminate them and prevent their return.

What Is A Storm Door?

A storm door is a durable exterior door that protects your home with a front door that offers added protection from the elements while allowing light to enter through the glass panes.

While the purpose of a storm door is mainly for weather protection, a front storm door also adds visual appeal to the home and is available in a variety of colors to match your home’s design.

Manufacturers usually make the storm door frame from aluminum, steel, or sometimes wood, with a tempered glass pane at the top half and heavyweight hinges. Manufacturers build storm doors to last and to protect your property from harsh weather, whether you need residential or commercial doors.

Benefits of Installing A Storm Door

Storm door benefits are numerous and far outweigh any storm door disadvantages like lack of airflow. The value added to your home in weather protection, increased energy efficiency, and extra home security are unlike other doors on the market. Aside from the practical benefits, an exterior door with a storm door enhances the overall aesthetic appeal of your home and can even boost the value of the property.

  • Protection from the elements: Exterior storm doors are made of heavy-duty materials that shield your entry door from high winds, rain and hail, and extreme temperatures.
  • Energy efficiency: Storm doors are often built with double or triple panes and special storm door glass to allow for better insulation and energy efficiency.
  • Added security: Most modern storm doors have added security features, like deadbolt locks and metal grating, to prevent intruders from getting in.
  • Noise reduction: Because of the sturdiness and thickness of storm doors, they keep the noise from outside at bay.

decorative green screen door on a yellow homeKeep the wind out and your home cozy with secure storm doors and proper insulation.

What Is A Screen Door?

If you like the idea of a storm door, but don’t need the protection from extreme weather, a screen door might just be the option for you. Screen doors are great for covered patios or screened-in porches that are protected already from the elements.

They allow for ventilation of fresh air and give you the feeling of an open door to the outside while also preventing insects from entering the home, so it’s the best of both worlds. As a bonus, screen doors are a bit easier on the home improvement finances. Most screen doors are made of a wood or aluminum frame with an enclosed screen in the top half and are available in a range of colors and styles to suit your home’s design.

Benefits of Installing A Screen Door

The biggest benefit to installing a screen door is the natural ventilation it provides to your home from the outside, enhancing your indoor air quality. Screen doors allow you to bring some of the outdoors inside without having to worry about bringing in bugs or other pests. Screen doors are also ideal for giving you better visibility and awareness of the outside, making them perfect for hosting parties or keeping an eye on playing kids outside.

  • Ventilation and airflow: Screen doors allow fresh air to circulate throughout your home, providing some ventilation and natural temperature control.
  • Prevents bugs from entering: With screen doors, you can get the feeling of keeping your door open with a fresh breeze without the bugs or other pests entering.
  • More inviting: There’s just something more welcoming about a front screen door, especially in the spring months when the summer heat hasn’t hit yet.
  • Less expensive: compared to storm doors, screen doors are more affordable and an easy way to increase your home’s curb appeal.

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Comparing Storm Door vs. Screen Door

When comparing a storm and screen door, it’s important to remember that they serve different purposes and each offers its own set of benefits. Depending on where you live, one might not be a suitable option. Be sure to consider factors such as the climate where you live, your home’s style, and personal needs when making your decision. Do your research on screen and storm doors ahead of time so you are confident that your purchase will meet the needs of your unique situation.

  • Durability: Built to endure the toughest weather, storm doors are much more durable than screen doors, which are prone to rips and tears in the mesh screen.
  • Affordability: In general, screen doors are more affordable than storm doors, but the price will depend on the size, quality of materials, and any customizations you make.
  • Maintenance: Storm doors require little to no maintenance, while screen doors often require some upkeep because the screen is more fragile and susceptible to tears over time.
  • Security: Storm doors are made of heavy-duty aluminum or steel with a special glass pane and often come with a deadbolt lock for added security, making them a safer option than screen doors.
  • Longevity: Storm doors are built more durably so they are less prone to damage from the elements, often lasting longer than screen doors do.

How to Choose Your Door

Now that you’ve done your research on the differences and key benefits of screen doors and storm doors, it’s time to choose the one that is right for your home. As we mentioned above, consider your geographic location and climate, including the weather patterns, as well as aesthetic desires of the doors and security concerns.

Think through some of the following questions to help guide you in your decision. How often do you experience high winds or hail damage from storms? Is your entry door already covered by a porch so it is less prone to weather damage? What are you most looking forward to in your new door?

You can also gather a lot of information by simply looking at which styles are available and most popular in your area.

Trust the Experts at MEI For Your Storm Door Installation

Residential and commercial storm damage is no joke. Protect your entry doors with a storm door and add visual appeal at the same time. With proper installation, storm doors can last for decades and safeguard against extreme weather and intruders of the human or animal variety. With a reliable partner like MEI, you can guarantee we’ll select the best door option for your home and our team of experts will provide top-notch installation.

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