How to Prepare Your Home for a Minnesota Snow Storm

Minnesota storms

When many people think of Minnesota, they picture snow storms and ice. That’s understandable. For part of the year at least, Minnesota can experience significant snowfall. From St. Paul to Albertville, you need a warm jacket and sturdy boots. You also need to get your home ready for when harsh weather hits. Here are some legendary Minnesota storms from the past – and tips on how to prepare your home for future snowfall.

Storms from Minnesota’s history

Check out these facts from the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources about Minnesota snow …

Do you remember what you were doing October 31 through November 3, in 1991? This was when the Halloween Blizzard took place. More than 28 inches of snow fell.

And did you know it can still snow, even when it’s almost May? On April 27 – 28 in 1907, 13 inches of snow came down.

A more recent remarkable snowfall occurred on February 20 – 21, 2011. That’s when the Twin Cities received 13.8 inches of snow.

How to prepare for a Minnesota snow storm

All this talk about snow probably makes you want to get your family and home ready. It’s smart to make sure you always have emergency supplies stored, such as food, liquids, flashlights and blankets. You also want to plan ahead regarding your home exterior. For example, make sure your attic has enough insulation and ventilation; this can help you avoid ice dams. Cut tree branches that are getting too close to your house (you don’t want tree branches to break and then land on your roof). Keep gutters free of clogs, as well – you want melting snow to be able to drain properly.

We can help you get your home ready

If you have questions about getting your home exterior ready for snow storms – or if a storm has already hit and left you with damage – feel free to give us a call. Our company has served Minnesotans for 70 years. We’re very familiar with what a Minnesota winter can bring. Whether you need roofing, siding, gutters, windows or insulation, we’re a knowledgeable, trusted source. A third-generation, family-owned company, we want to make sure your family is warm and comfortable for winter, too.

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