Making home siding repairs? Remember to check these two places

home siding repairs

When it’s time for home siding repairs, there’s something else you should consider – soffit and fascia. Soffits are located under the eaves of your roof, protecting it from moisture and debris. Fascia wraps around your roofs from the soffit to where the gutter meets the edge of our dwelling. These two attributes keep homes in good condition by providing much needed ventilation, support, and protection that is essential for sound repair. If your siding needs attention, don’t forget to take a moment to look a little higher.

What is soffit?

Soffit is a construction term used to describe the area that lies directly beneath the eave of your roof. It is typically made up of boards or panels and serves as an important vent for air circulation in the attic. Without soffits, air can become trapped in the attic and cause moisture build-up, leading to mold growth, structural damage, and reduced energy efficiency. Soffits also help keep out critters who may try to make themselves at home in your attic if left unchecked. To ensure you have a reliable soffit system installed on your home, consider investing in professional installation from a qualified contractor. Proper soffit installation helps keep your home safe and healthy for years to come.

What is the function of fascia?

Fascia is an important component of your roofing system, and it is so much more than just a long narrow board. It comprises an interconnected network of soffit boards that offer both ventilation and protection for your structure. Without this strong guard against moisture and other environmental elements, your home could suffer serious damage and necessitate costly repairs. Not only does it keep you safe and dry – fascia also provides a neat, finished look to the exterior of your home or building. When you see those long narrow boards, take a moment to appreciate their vital role in protecting what matters most to you.

Soffit and fascia work together to protect your home

Soffit and fascia are integral components when it comes to your home’s exterior. The soffit acts as a protective shield, allowing ventilation while providing additional insulation to the attic; typically, soffits are made from vinyl or aluminum. Fascia is a wide board that stretches along the eaves and supports the soffit; comprised of both vinyl and wood, it also covers the rafter ends for extra support. By choosing soffit and fascia that match the siding used on your home, you can create an aesthetically-pleasing façade. Together, soffit and facia can not only make your home look great but also help protect it from potential damage.

Choosing a home siding contractor

One factor to consider as you choose a home siding company is, what relationship does a company have with distributors? Minnesota Exteriors owns a distribution company. Through this distribution company, we work directly with manufacturers. This helps us get new kinds of products – and gives us leverage if there are questions.

You’ll also want to look for a home improvement company that can give you a warranty on installation. You’ll feel more secure knowing a company stands behind its work. Minnesota Exteriors offers a Lifetime Workmanship Warranty on all of work. We’ve served Minnesota families for 70 years, and providing skilled service is a matter of pride for us.

Keeping your eaves and siding in good repair can make your home more comfortable – and beautiful. Whether you need new soffit and fascia or you have siding damage, contact Minnesota Exteriors for a free estimate to repair your siding.