How to deal with roof repairs after storm damage

Nothing is more important than the prevention of collapse of your beloved home. However, when it comes to its structural integrity the first thing that comes to mind is a wet basement eroding the foundations or huge cracks in the walls as signs of storm damage.

In fact. few people associate roof repairs with any danger to their property, even though the problem is sitting right on top of their heads, quite literally indeed.  This is because broken or cracked shingles may spell eventual disaster due to the fact that they allow water to seep in. Water in the wrong place can be an elemental hazard almost as deadly as a fire. For a variety of reasons, which include:

· Short circuits

Water seeping through the roof can easily enter an electrical main line where it connects to an electrical outlet.  If that happens, there is a very grave danger indeed, of a possible short circuit. If such an eventuality were to occur, a blown fuse or a malfunctioning appliance would be the least of your worries. A short circuit can easily lead to a fire breaking out in your home, in which case it would be well to head to your nearest egress windows.

· Seepage can erode the foundations of the home

Water steadily trickling into the walls and wood beams can cause wood to rot and in the long run it might not be able to withstand the weight of the roof and as a result, it might collapse, right on top of the unsuspecting occupants of the house.

· Leads to molds and other problems

A leaking roof after a rainstorm may not only lead to the walls and woodwork losing their polish and paint jobs, but it might mean that molds and spores may find their way into your home and effectively compromise your health as well as that of your loved ones.  This is why it is very necessary to have any storm damage repaired by any professional roofing contractor as soon as possible.

Here is what you can do to repair the storm damage your roof may have suffered:

1. Replace Asphalt Shingles on a priority basis

Since asphalt shingle repair is an arduous procedure at best, it is a whole lot simpler to simply put in fresh singles. But this is a complicated job best left to experienced professionals, which is why it is advisable to let a shingles company do the job for you.

2. Curled Shingles: A regular bane

Violent winds can easily make an asphalt shingle curl around the edges. Such curled shingle allows both water and dust to gain ingress into your home. While many shingle contractors may simply want to throw it away and fix new shingles. That is not always the solution. Remember your shingle is not cracked or damaged but simply curled. Under the circumstances, it is advisable to use some glue to stick the curled edges to the shingles under them to ensure the seal remains intact.