5 Reasons to Buy Double Glazed Windows

woman looking outside from behind double glazed windows

Almost all homeowners have single glazed windows in their homes. But with single glazed windows, rooms tend to become hotter during summer months and cooler during winter. This is one reason to consider window replacement. If you want energy efficient windows, consider a double glazed option. Here’s why.

1. You Can Save Money on Energy Bills

Double glazed windows have two panes (or layers) of glass, with a space in between. This reduces the amount of heat entering or exiting. Your house can remain cooler during the summer and warmer during the winter. This can help you save money on energy costs.

2. Your Home Can Have Better Soundproofing

Double glazed windows are thicker and tend to reduce the unwanted noise that enters your home. If your home is near high-traffic roads, noisy neighbors, or an airport, double glazed windows are something to consider. They can help you live in a more peaceful environment.

3. You Can Enjoy Improved Security

When you install double glazed windows, this can improve your home security. These windows are tougher to break completely through, since they have two panes. That’s another way they help you rest a little easier.

4. You Can Reduce Condensation

Condensation can be a serious issue if you live in an older home. Older homes can grow mildew and mold due to condensation. This can rot window frames and affect your family’s health. Double glazed windows can help reduce condensation and excess moisture on window panes.

5. You Can Help Keep Furnishings Bright

We all love sunshine, but when it strikes your furniture day after day, beautiful colors may start to fade. When you have double glazed windows, there are double protective layers, and your home and furnishings are better protected.

To learn more about double glazed windows, contact one of our friendly representatives at Minnesota Exteriors. We can explain how to incorporate energy efficient features in your home.