Evergreen Double Hung Windows

Double hung windows are as uniquely American as baseball and apple pie. In fact, they are widely considered to be the most common type of windows found all over the USA .

The dividers present on these windows are called ‘Muntins.’  As far as opening this type of window is concerned, there are different modes of operation depending on owner preferences. Some double hung windows are actually a form of ‘sliding windows,’ but unlike most slider windows, they are not operated horizontally, but rather slide up and down on oiled tracks. Alternately, the casement version of these windows is also opened vertically, due to the vertical casements present in these windows. With the passage of time, technology also improved and now many such windows are also available with spring loaded catches so that they can be opened and shut more conveniently.

Some of the advantages of Double Hung Windows include:

· Easily cleaned

Cleaning and maintaining your typical single hung window is not the easiest of prepositions since an opened window makes cleaning its outer pane an awkward operation at best. However, a double hung window is far easier to clean than many other window types, because both its upper and lower panes can be opened for both ease of operation as well as maintenance. The sash (that part of the frame that actually holds the glass pane) is quite conveniently placed on the lower part of the window so as to make opening and shutting the window as easy as it can get.

· Superb ventilation properties

One of the key factors that have served to make these arguably the most popular type of windows available is their unique ability to offer exceptional ventilation in any room they are installed in.  All warm air rises upwards, while cold air due to its greater density tends to be heavier. This is why all that is needed to eliminate stuffiness in a room is to open both the upper and lower portions of the windows simultaneously. This way the colder air from outside would be able to get in while the warmer air would seep out leaving your room cooler than before while being properly ventilated.

· Lower electricity bills

The cooler the room, the lesser the need to switch on your air conditioner, thus lowering the overall energy bills of your household.

· Low chance of accidents

Unlike casement or bay windows double hung windows do not open outwards or inwards, which means it would not be easy to blunder into an opened window in case of a power outrage in the middle of the night.

· Energy efficient design

Double Hung Windows, by their very nature have been created to let in the maximum amount of sunlight possible. Moreover, their ventilation properties in summer help curb runaway energy bills while a multi-layered double hung window in winter can easily trap residual heat and so help keep the room warmer.

· Aesthetically appealing

Such windows are not merely functional but also aesthetically appealing as well and give an old world traditional look to your home.