Double Pane Windows: Because two Panes are better than one

Double pane windows are a unique window systems. Unlike conventional slider or casement windows, they are equipped with not one but two glass panes.) Both of these glass panes are separated by a small space that has been deliberately created, either as a form of vacuum or it is filled with some sort of non-combustible gas.  This duel glass and vacuum system offers an excellent means of retaining heat in areas with very cold winters. The ‘Storm Window’ is also usually a double pane window system.

Storm windows are typically mounted on the main or primary windows both as a form of protection against the elements such as violent snow storms as well as to provide an additional level of heat insulation in regions where temperatures drop to very low levels.

Benefits of double pane windows:

1. Lower energy bills

A typical double pane window has been created in such a way that it can trap a lot of heat in the room in which it is located. More residual heat means lesser energy bills as the thermostat would not have to be set high all the time. In fact, savings of up to 50% have been recorded with double pane windows.

2. Lesser environmental footprint

A key benefit of installing double pane windows is that they are inherently more environment friendly as compared to their single pane counterparts. This is because their usage is characterized by lesser energy consumption courtesy their excellent insulation properties. Lower consumption of fossil fuel means not just lower fuel bills, but also lesser emissions in the long run since CO2 and other harmful gases and smoke are natural by products of fossil fuel consumption.

3. Helps decrease sound pollution

Double pane glass sheets dampen ambient noise a lot better than single pane windows. This is because the duel layers of glass coupled with the vacuum in between them make the passage of sound waves a lot more difficult, thus succeeding in cutting down overall sound pollution.

 The various components of Double Pane Windows include:

· Glass

This is the single most important component of any double pane window system. The two sheets of glass that constitute such windows are typically at least 6 millimeter thick and are available in full clear options or different hues and tints as per the personal preferences of the home owner.  In areas where sunlight is at a premium both the glasses are completely clear while a degree of opacity might be used to either keep out excess light or protect the privacy of the inhabitants of the house. The glass in double pane windows has been extra hardened so that it does not crack due to extremes of temperature. Moreover, it is also able to withstand violent snow and hailstorms without cracking.

· Spacers

The spacer installed in double pane windows is done so only after it has been determined as to what space is required for optimum utilization of the window’s heat retention properties.

· Frames

Double pane windows are heavy, which is why they require sturdy frames.  While both wood and metal frames may be used, the most common frame material tends to be fiberglass due to its ability to hold up heavy weights without losing structural integrity with the passage of time.