Double Hung Windows

There is something quintessentially American about double hung windows. Perhaps that is why they are the most popular type of windows in the United States.  They have dividers that are often referred to as ‘Muntins’. Some of them slide up and down while others may be opened via vertical casements. These days, many of double hung windows are available with spring loaded catches for ease of operation.

Some of the advantages of Double Hung Windows include

Ease of maintenance

Cleaning the inside and outside portions of a single hung window is an arduous task at best. On the other hand, double hung windows are considerably easier to clean than their single pane counterparts since both upper and lower sections can easily be opened for ease of maintenance.  The sash (the frame part that actually holds the glass) is located at the bottom which further simplifies the maintenance of the window.

Excellent ventilation properties

This is the primary reason behind their surging popularity.  Warm air rises, while cold air is denser.  To create natural air conditioning, you may simply open the upper portion, thus allowing the warm air to escape while also opening the lower portion simultaneously to ensure cold air gets in. This would ensure that your room is not only well ventilated but also noticeably cooler as well thus leading to great savings on air conditioning expenses.

Ease of operation

Unlike their casement and awning counterparts, they don’t protrude outwards nor do they swing inwards, so there is very little likelihood of someone crashing into one in the dark. Moreover, they are also excellent anti-burglary devices since any would be intruder would have a really hard time breaking in.

Energy efficient design

Double Hung Windows are designed to maximize the amount of sunlight in a room.  Couple a double hung window with a gas-filled layer of glass and it would be able to trap in residual heat and thus save on heating energy costs.

Aesthetic appeal

These windows are very pretty to look at and give a traditional look to every house in which they have been installed. A double hung window equipped house would be sure to stand out amongst is neighbors from both outside as well as inside.


Such windows are extremely adaptable to their surrounding furniture and décor and as such are routinely available in a wide range of colors, sizes, styles, and materials, effectively making them an excellent choice for any house, office or any other type of personal space.

Different types of construction materials

These windows may be constructed of fiberglass, wood, and different types of metal such as iron and aluminum and can be painted or polished to virtually any style that you may desire.