Don’t Wait to File an Insurance Claim After a Storm

storm damage

After a damaging storm sweeps through your neighborhood, your first instinct may be to just continue with life as usual. Your days are busy, and contacting an insurance agent may feel like something you can put off for a while. But it’s smart to file an insurance claim promptly. Here’s why you should get the ball rolling on your insurance claim – and some other tips to keep in mind if a storm strikes.

  • There may be time limits for when you can file an insurance claim. After a storm passes, you may be tempted to just shake it off. However, while you wait to file a claim, the damage to your home could be getting worse … and your time to file an insurance claim could be running short. After a storm damages your home, it’s wise to contact your insurance company promptly. Get the process started. This can help you get your home repaired – and save you significant amounts of money.
  • Photograph the storm damage. Be able to show someone what happened. And, take good notes about what was affected.
  • Be safe. As you walk through your property after a storm, keep an eye out for hazards such as glass shards.  
  • Choose a contractor carefully. Watch out for ‘storm chasers”. After a storm strikes, some contractors may drive in from out of town to offer you their help. But after the repairs are done, they may not be as easy to find anymore. Instead, choose a local company with a strong track record of providing quality service in your area. You’ll feel more secure working with a company that has an established history in your community.
  • No storm? Take pictures anyway. If you have not yet experienced storm damage, why not take some pictures of your home now? Then you can show a comparison if your neighborhood does get hit by a storm in the near future.

Repairs can be expensive and you want your home to be well-maintained. It’s definitely worth your time to contact your insurance company and find a dependable contractor. Contacting your insurance agent soon can help you get the money you’re entitled to. And you’ll feel more secure knowing your home has been thoroughly inspected – and properly repaired.

Minnesota Exteriors is a trustworthy choice to provide your repairs. We’ve been helping Minnesota families since 1947. And we offer a Lifetime Workmanship Warranty on installations. With our skilled crews, you can rest easy knowing we’ll provide quality workmanship for your storm damage repair. Give us a call and tell us about your situation.