7 Reasons Why Fiberglass windows are an Excellent Choice for your Home

Fiberglass window frames tend to be somewhat costlier than similar window frames made of wood. However, they make up for it by being more light as well as more robust and durable than almost any other kind of window out there, including aluminum windows.

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Fiberglass windows can boast of a lot of benefits when compared to wood and aluminum windows, some of which are mentioned below:

1. Longer life

Fiberglass windows as a rule do not corrode, rust or warp unlike natural frames made from iron and wood. By and large, almost all windows tend to be open to the environment, therefore issues related to exposure to the elements may appear with the passage of time, which might cause you to replace Marvin windows  or get them freshly painted. All high cost alternatives in the long run.

2. Low maintenance costs

This is where fiberglass windows truly come into their own. More often than not, all they need is a quick run with a cloth filled with a mild detergent to be as good as new once again.

3. Price to performance ratio

As compared to wood and other type of construction materials, fiberglass may prove to be a far less expensive option.

4. Heat retention properties

Fiberglass windows have great insulation properties and as a result, may help curb heat loss in very cold climates. This makes such windows a very cost effective solution to heat retention issues as well as higher energy costs

5. Form over substance

A fiberglass window can be finished with just about any kind of finish that appeal to you. If you like high grain wood polish, it can be made to resemble that from a distance (however, unlike conventional wood, the dire need to polish and lacquer it every few months would not be there). If you like a sleek shiny silver metal look then no need to look further since fiberglass can be finished in any color or finishing you desire.

6. Very slim profile

Fiberglass windows are more robust and can easily handle heavy weights with aplomb, so there is no need for bigger and heavier frames. This means more glass and hence more light, the mean reason why you had a window installed in the first place.

7. No chance of rotting

Fiberglass windows do not rot and nor for that matter are they affected by the Sun’s UV radiation. In fact, they are often the first choice for those people who live close to the sea and their windows and other fixtures are constantly exposed to highly saline environments.

If you were to install a fiberglass window you may relax in the knowledge that it would continue to give the same level of service for decades to come