7 Reasons to Choose Fiberglass Windows for Your Home

If you’re searching for a window material that’s strong, durable and aesthetically pleasing then fiberglass windows are the right choice for your home. Fiberglass windows provide an unparalleled combination of attractive styling with energy efficiency and low maintenance requirements. They’re one of the most popular materials on the market today due to their resilience against damage from extreme temperatures, lowering energy costs with insulated frames, elegance in appearance that can blend into any home decor style, plus noise reduction capabilities – just to name a few benefits. Read on to find out why fiberglass windows make such excellent replacements for your old house windows!

1. Longer window life

Fiberglass windows are becoming increasingly popular due to their durability compared to traditional window frames. Unlike natural frames made from iron and wood, fiberglass windows do not corrode, rust or warp. Although the elements may eventually cause some damage to fiberglass frames over time, the overall maintenance cost will be significantly less than what you’d pay when replacing Marvin or wooden windows. As fiberglass offers superior strength and flexibility compared to other materials, fiberglass-framed windows can withstand extreme weather conditions while still providing an outstanding aesthetic appeal. Therefore, fiberglass makes a great choice for homeowners who want a window frame that can last for many years with minimal maintenance and cost.

2. Low window maintenance costs

Fiberglass windows offer an incredibly low-maintenance cost compared to other materials. As fiberglass is highly resistant to weather elements, these windows rarely suffer damage, meaning they are less likely to require replacement parts or repairs. Cleaning fiberglass windows is an easy task – with just a quick wipe down of a cloth lathered in mild detergent constantly being enough to keep fiberglass windows looking good as new. Consequently, fiberglass windows are the ideal solution for homeowners who don’t have the time or money to invest into intensive window maintenance.

3. Window price to performance ratio

When it comes to choosing the materials for windows, fiberglass is an efficient and cost-effective option. Owing to its durable nature, fiber glass windows have a longer life than those made with many natural materials like wood. Fiber glass windows are also much cheaper to install when compared to other types of construction materials. This makes fiber glass a smart choice for anyone wanting to reduce the overall budget while still ensuring high quality products. Fiberglass is an excellent value for money when considering longer term costs and initial expenses.

4. Fiberglass heat retention properties

Fiberglass windows have become a popular choice due to their incredible insulation properties, especially during frigid Minnesota winters. Not only are fiberglass windows durable and energy efficient, but they can also go a long way in helping to retain heat inside the home. This means that the cost of energy bills can be significantly lowered, making fiberglass windows an incredibly cost effective solution for homeowners all over the world. With these great benefits offered by fiberglass windows, it’s no wonder why this is an attractive alternative when looking to insulate a home from uncomfortably low temperatures.

5. Variety of window finishes and colors

Fiberglass window frames offer a vast range of options for window finishes. From the classic high-grain wood polish to the sleek metallic looks, fiberglass can be made to look like just about any material you desire. Moreover, fiberglass comes with another added benefit – you will not have to worry about waxing and lacquering every few months in order to maintain its appearance. With fiberglass, you’ll have lasting beauty without the hassle of yearly maintenance. Choose from a variety of colors and finishing options with fiberglass windows and give your home a style makeover that lasts!

6. More glass, more natural light

Fiberglass windows offer homeowners an easy and effective way to brighten up any room, without compromising on durability and stability. The window profile is much smaller when using fiberglass windows, because due to the high strength fiberglass material the frame is able to take heavy weight without requiring a bulky base. Therefore, more glass can be added inside the frame, allowing for increased amounts of natural light streaming into the room. This makes fiberglass windows an ideal choice for those looking to get a window with good natural sunlight access without sacrificing security or aesthetics.

7. No chance of rotting

Fiberglass windows are an ideal choice for those looking for durable and useful window panes that won’t succumb to rot or decay. Very rarely will fiberglass windows show any signs of damage due to the Sun’s UV radiation, ensuring that windows and frames remain sturdy season after season. Homeowners don’t have to worry about fiberglass windows becoming compromised by rotting, as this material is resiliently built for the long haul. Understandably, fiberglass windows are preferred over traditional wooden frames when it comes to abiding environment variables that would cause such frame rotting.

Although wood windows are beautiful, they come with a high price tag and require more maintenance than fiberglass windows. If you’re looking for an energy-efficient window that will last for decades and increase the value of your home, then fiberglass windows are the way to go. Request a free estimate, give us a call, or visit us at our showroom to learn more about our selection of fiberglass windows.