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In addition to being the first to see new products, Minnesota Exteriors is also the go-to company for important projects / charity events and high visibility installations.

When the TV show, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition came to town, Minnesota Exteriors got the call to install siding, windows and gutters – both times the show filmed here. We have also been featured on shows like WCCO’s Today’s Home Remodeler, HGTV’s Bath Crashers and Lifetime’s Designing Spaces.

The company has also helped install windows and siding to help out one of our ‘Red Bull’ soldiers returning from Iraq, a family with many adopted children and a disabled Marine among others. We get and proudly respond to these calls because we are the most trusted home improvement company in the Twin Cities.

Our Installation Crews

Minnesota Exteriors uses both employee and independent installation crews and has for decades. Some try to say that independent crews are less trustworthy. We wouldn’t offer a Lifetime Workmanship Warranty if we did not trust the work of our installers. Our oldest independent crews started as employees at the company many years ago and have worked with us in some capacity for decades. They like the freedom that being independent offers them, and we like the flexibility. One of our independent crews is owned and operated by the son of one of the Company’s owners.

Minnesota Exteriors also has full-time employees in their service department. Most companies tell you they will stand by you after your project is complete. What they really mean is they will try and get the person that installed your product wrong in the first place to leave their current paying renovation and go back and work on your home. How much time do you think they will spend on the problem they created? We send our highly experience service personnel to correct any issues, once and for all.

Our Distributors and Manufacturers

direct distributor of home exterior materials

Minnesota Exteriors works directly with the manufacturers of the products we install through our distribution company, North Country Distributors, Inc. We buy direct from manufacturers and avoid the middleman and his markups. When new products are introduced, we see them from the manufacturers first, as they know we can offer valuable input given our decades of installation experience.

In the event of a product defect or manufacturing issue, we have more leverage directly with the company that made the product to make sure that you, our customer, is first in line for a fix.

None of our competitors offer this advantage. We welcome you to come take a tour of our 100,000 square foot warehouse to see the product we stock and the large displays of product so you know what you are ordering. It is nearly impossible to know what you are buying from a small sample chip. Come see full samples of most products we sell.

Generations of Experience and Quality Service

types of siding

Home Improvement companies come and go. The average home improvement company lasts only three years. Minnesota Exteriors has been working in the Twin Cities market for nearly seven decades. We know the codes, the cities and the inspectors. We know what it takes to properly renovate your home with hundreds of years of experience in our staff.

Minnesota Exteriors is a C corporation, not an upstart LLC. A check of our license number compared to nearly every competitor shows you how long we have been around. That plus a 20+ years A+ rating at the Better Business Bureau tells you that you have selected a company that will be around long after your project is complete and has the wherewithal to stand behind their work.

Quality Workmanship – Our Lifetime Warranty

Minnesota Exteriors has always stood behind the work we do with a Lifetime Workmanship Warranty on all of our installations. Many competitors offer a warranty for a few years, at most. Some competitors have caught on and now offer a lifetime warranty. You may find that these are usually start-up companies with little history.

The average home improvement company stays in business for about three years. You’ll have to ask yourself if a warranty from a new company is equivalent to a warranty offered by a company with seven decades of experience and service backing their warranty. We’re sure you will agree that a warranty from Minnesota Exteriors is worth more.

Brands that Meet Your Needs and Budget

a multitude of choices

Some homes are small, some large. Some homes are in the city, some in the country. Some homes are older, some newer. Minnesota Exteriors could offer only one brand of each exterior product like many of our competitors. It would save us money and time, but would not offer our customers choices to suit their needs and budgets.

Minnesota Exteriors realizes that our customers want choices so they can customize their homes to reflect their individual tastes. If you want a cookie cutter remodel job, let one of our competitors convince you their one window or siding fits all situations. If you want the choices to customize the look of your home, call us now and come visit our showroom – the largest of its kind in Minnesota.