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In Plymouth, Minnesota Exteriors Commercial. provides expert commercial storm damage services, specializing in wind and hail restoration. With over 75 years of experience in the Twin Cities region, we offer efficient solutions and seamless insurance claim handling.  Rely on MEC for effective storm damage restoration in Plymouth, ensuring your property is not just replaced, but improved.

Plymouth Commercial Storm Damage Restoration Services

MEC is dedicated to providing professional storm and hail damage restoration services specifically tailored for property owners in Plymouth. Our team of skilled contractors is well-versed in addressing all your commercial building replacement needs in Plymouth. We are fully equipped to handle a wide range of severe weather and storm damage incidents, ensuring a response in a timely manner. Our restoration services include:

  • Commercial Siding Services
  • Commercial Roofing Services
  • Commercial Gutter Installation
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Plymouth Commercial Siding Replacement with MEC

Minnesota Exteriors Commercial is your go-to expert for commercial siding replacement in Plymouth, professionally handling storm damage restoration services. We offer tailored solutions for each unique property in Plymouth, focusing on preventing further damage with our premium materials and expert management. Our wide range of siding options ensures the perfect match for your business, particularly in the aftermath of a storm. Discover more about our specialized commercial siding restoration services for Plymouth, designed to meet the area’s specific weather challenges, by visiting our commercial siding services page.

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Commercial Roofing Restoration in Plymouth

MEC is a premier provider of commercial roofing restoration services, focusing specifically on commercial properties in Plymouth that have experienced storm damage. Our team, comprised of seasoned multi-family contractors, offers comprehensive roofing restoration solutions, catering to the unique requirements of each Plymouth commercial property, whether it involves partial or complete roof restoration. Utilizing advanced drone technology, we ensure precise and thorough inspections for an accurate evaluation of wind storms and storm damage. Our services are carefully tailored, including meticulous shingle removal and expert installation, to perfectly suit the specific needs of your roof replacement needs. For more information on our commercial roofing restoration solutions in Plymouth, please visit our commercial roofing services page, or contact us to arrange a free roof inspection.

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Plymouth’s Reliable Commercial Gutter Replacement Expert

If your commercial property in Plymouth has suffered gutter system damage due to a severe storm, turn to Minnesota Exteriors Commercial for expert storm damage restoration services. Our skilled team specializes in replacing compromised gutters on multi-family properties with high-quality, residential-grade gutters. These seamless gutter systems are designed for maximum water flow efficiency and are built to minimize leak risks and ice dams, offering enhanced protection for your property against future storm damage. We also offer assistance in navigating claims with your insurance company to ensure a seamless replacement process. Discover more about our gutter replacement services, specifically tailored for commercial properties in Plymouth, by visiting our commercial gutter installation page.

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Choose MEC as Your Commercial Storm Damage Contractor in Plymouth

In need of commercial storm damage restoration in Plymouth? Minnesota Exteriors Commercial is your trusted partner! We understand the vital importance of maintaining your property’s integrity and we are dedicated to providing top-notch storm damage solutions in Plymouth. Our team, equipped with extensive experience and a strong commitment to customer satisfaction, uses only premium quality materials to ensure your property is restored to its optimal condition. Our approachable and skilled professionals simplify the entire process, even for significant damage, ensuring a hassle-free experience. Rely on Minnesota Exteriors Commercial over other contractors for all your storm damage recovery needs in Plymouth, and trust in our expertise to protect and rejuvenate your property.


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