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Call Us At 763-316-4270

Our Installation Crews

Minnesota Exteriors uses both employee and independent installation crews and has for decades. Some try to say that independent crews are less trustworthy. We wouldn’t offer a Lifetime Workmanship Warranty if we did not trust the work of our installers. Our oldest independent crews started as employees at the company many years ago and have worked with us in some capacity for decades. They like the freedom that being independent offers them, and we like the flexibility. One of our independent crews is owned and operated by the son of one of the Company’s owners.

Minnesota Exteriors also has full-time employees in their service department. Most companies tell you they will stand by you after your project is complete. What they really mean is they will try and get the person that installed your product wrong in the first place to leave their current paying renovation and go back and work on your home. How much time do you think they will spend on the problem they created? We send our highly experience service personnel to correct any issues, once and for all.