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Eight priorities to weigh when choosing home siding in Minnesota

When you’re choosing a new siding material for your home, you have several excellent options. Vinyl, fiber cement, steel and engineered wood all have strong advantages. To choose a type of siding, you need to weigh your priorities and decide which qualities are the most important for you. Whether you live in Blaine or Big Lake, here are eight priorities to think about when choosing home siding in Minnesota.

Qualities to consider
When you’re deciding which siding material is right for your home, consider these qualities:
1. Energy efficiency. Is saving money on energy costs a top priority? One smart option is insulated vinyl siding.
2. Appearance. Your siding can make a huge difference in your home’s curb appeal. There is a wide range of colors and textures available; browse samples in person to help you make your decision.
3. Durability and strength. If you’re looking for siding that will last a long time, steel may be an option to consider.
4. Ease of maintenance. If you never want to have to paint your siding, steel and vinyl are two good choices.
5. Water resistance. Fiber cement is an option to consider if you especially want your siding to hold up against moisture.
6. Resistance to impact. Engineered wood siding can be a smart choice if impact resistance is a priority for you.
7. Cost. Vinyl siding can be a budget-friendly option.
8. Fire resistance. Fiber cement siding can resist damage in a fire.

As you’re choosing new home siding, there is definitely a variety of factors to consider. Seeing samples in person and chatting with an industry professional can help make your choice much clearer.

To learn more about your siding options, come visit our Osseo showroom. You can view large samples of respected brands such as LP SmartSide, James Hardie, EDCO and ProVia. Take a look at many colors and textures, and see which you would like for your home. And speak with one of our friendly team members. We’ll give you comprehensive information about your siding options, and help you find the home siding that’s right for you. Our company has won awards from the Builders Association of the Twin Cities and the Vinyl Siding Institute. You can trust that we’re a knowledgeable source for home siding.

Six signs of Minnesota winter storm damage

Winter 2017 seems to have already begun in Minnesota. This year, snow was falling before Halloween! You know snowstorms are on their way. And in addition to depositing snow, winter storms can affect your home exterior. When you know what a snow storm can do, it’s easier to find its effects and get them fixed. Below are six possible signs of Minnesota winter storm damage.

What could happen during a winter storm?
Even beyond snowfall, winter storms can bring some other challenges.
1. Strong winds may loosen roof shingles.
2. Strong winds might also pick up rocks or other small items, and throw them against your siding or windows.
3. Snow or ice could sneak inside holes.
4. If large trees are growing close to your home, tree branches could fall on your roof during a storm.
5. Tree branches could also scrape against siding.
6. Ice dams may block water from going down gutters, and force water to go under shingles instead.

What can you do to prepare for winter storms?
There are actions you can take ahead of time to help keep your home more secure during a storm. For example, keep tree branches trimmed and away from your house. Get weaknesses in your roof or siding fixed. And keep gutters clear, so that water and melted snow can drain away instead of freezing and forming ice dams.

And if you do find yourself with winter storm damage?
If a winter storm does leave a mark on your home, take action. When you can, it’s wise to address issues while they are relatively small. That way, you can help keep them from getting worse. Ask a trusted local company to carry out an inspection. Look for a company with an established track record that will provide skilled workmanship.

Minnesota Exteriors has been helping Minnesotans with their homes for seventy years. That’s a lot of winters. We understand exactly what a Minnesota winter can do – and how to fix it. We also offer a Lifetime Workmanship Warranty on installations. When you call us, you can rest assured you will receive quality work and sincere customer service.

We hope you have an enjoyable winter, but if a winter storm does affect your home, give us a call. We have the experience to take care of your storm damage. Whether you live in Anoka or Wayzata, we want you to feel secure and happy in your home – no matter what the season.

Five signs your Minnesota windows need a checkup

Your home looks especially beautiful during the winter. White flakes decorate the trees, and your house seems warm and cozy. But in the winter, window issues can be particularly problematic. Inefficient windows can increase your energy bill – and allow chilly breezes inside. And other window issues could be happening, as well. Here are five signs your Minnesota windows may need some attention.

1. It’s tough to get them closed – or open. If you find yourself tugging just to shut your windows, your windows may need some help. They could need cleaning. Some small parts may need replacing. Or, if you have wood window frames and the weather is humid, the frames may have swollen up.
2. Curtains are blowing in the wind. If the wind huffs and puffs outside, do your drapes inside move around? That’s a sign your windows have some leaks.
3. You can feel the cold air even behind thick walls. Drafts are some of the clearest signs of issues. Sometimes it’s a matter of fixing the weatherstripping. Or sometimes, the window panes may be inefficient.
4. You can see issues from outside, too. If you safely can, check out your windows from the great outdoors. Inspect where your window frames meet the outside walls. Do you see openings? You likely have some leaks.
5. Water is leaking inside. Water inside your home is never a fun sight to see. It could be due to a number of issues.

Whether you live in Becker or Brooklyn Park, you want your windows to be performing well. This is especially the case in winter. Give us a call if you have questions about your windows – or if it may be time for some new ones.

At Minnesota Exteriors, we have the experience to address your questions and help you find the solutions you need. We’ve been in business for 70 years, and we carry respected brands such as Weather Shield, Infinity from Marvin, Lindsay and Andersen. A trusted company, our priority is to help you keep your home cozy and comfortable, season after season.

Five roof challenges to watch for in Minnesota winter

Everyone wants their roof to be in good condition during Minnesota winter. Your home needs to keep you warm as you prepare for the holidays and settle in for the snowy season. So when you’re outside, cast an eye up at your roof. Check to see if you notice any of these roof issues. If you do, take steps to remedy them. You want your home to be beautiful and comfortable for many winters to come.

Potential winter roof challenges

Whether you live in Monticello or Anoka, Minnesota winter could contribute to these situations:

1. Excessive snow pile-up. As you’re standing in your yard, it’s a good idea to take a long roof rake and send that huge pile-up of rooftop snow to the ground.
2. Stubborn ice dams. If roof snow melts, drips to roof outskirts and becomes ice again, you’ve got ice dams to contend with. Ice dams can keep water from travelling down gutters. They force water to find somewhere else to go – somewhere where it could have a negative effect.
3. Dangling icicles. If icicles fall, they can really be harmful. Preventing icicles is another good reason to clean out gutter clogs: You want water to be able to go down the gutter instead of forming icicles.
4. Leaks. Leaks may be harder to see from the ground, but their signs can show up elsewhere. They may especially happen around flashings.
5. Problematic condensation. Your attic should be properly insulated and ventilated. This can help you avoid roof condensation – as well as those ice dams we mentioned above.

Catching roof problems while they are just beginning can save you hassle and expense in the future. And preventing them is even better. Further, be safe. Walking on your roof is not recommended.

Let us know if you have any questions about how to keep your roof in good shape during the winter. We’re a third-generation, family-owned company that has served Minnesotans for decades. We know exactly what it’s like to contend with snow and ice. A trusted local company, it’s important to us that your family is safe and warm year-round.

What kind of home siding should you choose in Minnesota?

Particularly at this time of year, Minnesotans are keenly aware of our state’s changing temperatures. It seems like just yesterday we were sitting by the lake, enjoying the sunshine – but soon we’ll be watching snow float down and surround our homes. So when it’s time to update your home exterior, what kind of siding is a good choice in Minnesota? The answer is, several kinds of siding can provide real benefits. Here are four kinds of siding that can help your home stay beautiful and well-protected in the Minnesota winter – and summer.

• Vinyl siding. ProVia offers CedarMAX insulated vinyl siding. CedarMAX can help your home stay warmer and cozier in December. Energy-efficient CedarMAX can help keep your energy bills more manageable, too.
• Fiber cement siding. James Hardie offers different lines for two different areas of the country, to help customers deal with their particular climate. James Hardie siding can handle moisture, and it’s also made to face harsh temperatures.
• Engineered wood siding. LP SmartSide is made to stand up against powerful winds. It’s also designed to keep out the rain. It can proudly face Minnesota’s July sunshine and January chill.
• Steel siding. If you’re looking for siding that can last a long time and not need much maintenance, steel siding is definitely an option to consider. Rollex and EDCO are two quality brands to seek.

Home siding is a long-term investment. You want your siding to stand up against Minnesota weather year after year, as well as look lovely on your home. It’s worth taking the time to research your options. Come visit our showroom in Osseo: You can view samples in person, and chat with our knowledgeable team members. We’ll talk with you about your home, and show you siding ideas that can help keep your home comfortable and beautiful. Whether you live in New Hope or Hopkins, we’ll help you find siding that’s a great fit for your home.

Two vital elements for any roofing, siding or windows project

Whether you’re replacing your roof, installing siding or buying windows, you need two things: quality products and skilled installation. But what can you do to find well-built products that suit your needs? And how can you feel confident that these products will be installed properly? Here are some tips to help make your home exterior project a success.

How to select the right product
These two guidelines can help you find a product you’ll be happy with:
• Choose a respected brand. You want the product you choose to be well-designed and constructed. It should be made from quality materials that can handle extreme weather. Look for an established brand that’s earned the respect of industry professionals.
• Make sure you have plenty of choices. Some companies may only offer one brand. You deserve more choices than this. Make sure you have the opportunity to choose from several brands and styles. You need the product that’s right for your home.

… And how to get it expertly installed
Buying a quality product is the first step. Then the people who install it need to have the right knowledge and follow-through.
• Seek warranties. In addition to manufacturer warranties, look for a warranty on installation: A workmanship warranty can help you feel secure that your product will be installed properly.
• Look for a company that has longevity. If a company has served your area for decades, that says a lot about their skill and dedication.
• Check out reviews and ratings. The Better Business Bureau website is a great place to learn more about a company. You can read what other customers have to say about a company’s work.

Choosing a home exterior company is an important decision. You deserve well-made products that will last for years. You also deserve to work with people who are experienced and conscientious.

At Minnesota Exteriors, we provide you with both parts of the home improvement equation: trustworthy products and skilled installation. We offer many well-known brands, as well as a Lifetime Workmanship Warranty. Whether you live in Edina or Blaine, come and see us. We want your home improvement project to be a lasting investment you’ll be happy about for years.

3 Ways Winter Can Affect Your Home Exterior

Winter in the Twin Cities means bundling up in a warm coat and planning for the holidays. It also means keeping an eye out for how snow and ice can affect your home exterior. Here are three ways Minnesota winter can leave its mark on your roof, gutters and siding.

When you go outside this winter, see if you notice any of these developments:
1. Wind damage to shingles. Winter winds can definitely be a force. They can cause shingle damage, and that can lead to other issues.
2. Ice dams. Snow on the rooftop is beautiful. But if those white flakes melt and then freeze again on roof outskirts, this can cause ice dams. Ice dams can also be formed if gutters are blocked and water can’t make its way through. When you have ice dams, water can meander under shingles; this can result in roof problems such as leaks. In addition, ice dams can also harm your gutters. If you see an ice dam, try to get rid of it. Then try to clear away snow from your roof. Too much snow piled up on your roof is something to be avoided, anyway.
3. Damage to siding. If a tree limb breaks and strikes your home, it could leave a mark on your siding. Sometimes winter winds will even pick up objects and cause dents.

Winter can be imposing in Minnesota, but there are preventative measures you can take. It’s smart to clean your gutters in the fall, keep excessive snow from piling up on your roof, and keep tree branches trimmed and away from your home. You can also make sure your attic is properly insulated – this can help keep extra heat from travelling to your roof and melting snow.

Further, feel free to talk with our friendly professionals at Minnesota Exteriors. We’ve been helping Minnesota families with their homes for 70 years. Whether you live in St. Michael or Plymouth, we’d be happy to discuss how to take care of your home exterior during winter. We’re a third-generation, family-owned company, and we know what it’s like to prepare for snow. We want to make sure your home is ready for the winter, too.

What to look for when you’re buying windows in Minnesota

Minnesota weather definitely takes some preparation. Whether you live in Blaine, Fridley or Plymouth, it’s smart to plan ahead for our cold winters and scorching summers. One of the ways you can prepare for Minnesota’s range of seasons is to purchase the right windows for your home. Windows can help keep extreme weather outside. They can also help you enjoy a crisp breeze on a fall day. Here are three qualities to look for as you’re choosing home windows in Minnesota.

1. Energy efficiency. No doubt about it, one of Minnesota’s defining characteristics is extreme weather. Choosing energy-efficient windows can help you keep your home more comfortable in winter and summer. Energy-efficient windows can also help keep your heating and cooling costs more reasonable. Seek features such as double or triple panes, and Low-E coatings.
2. A style that suits your needs. If you love to welcome a breeze in your home, think about how you want to be able to open your windows. If you would like a window to open out on one side, consider casement windows. If you prefer sashes that you can open on both the top and bottom, look at double-hung windows. Another choice is sliding windows: They are a great way to let in lots of fresh air. We need to enjoy pleasant temperatures while we have them!
3. Skilled installation. Choosing your new windows is the first step. Then, it’s important to make sure they’re installed correctly. Take the time to research your home exterior company. Check their Better Business Bureau rating. And find out what kind of warranties they offer: In addition to manufacturer warranties, look for a warranty on installation. You want to make sure that if there are any issues with your windows’ installation, your home exterior company will make it right.

At Minnesota Exteriors, we’ll help you find energy-efficient windows that suit your lifestyle. We carry respected brands such as Weather Shield, Andersen, Lindsay, and Infinity from Marvin. And our skilled installation crews will make sure your windows are installed properly. We offer a Lifetime Workmanship Warranty on installations, so you can rest secure we’ll stand behind our work. A third-generation, family-owned company, we’ve seen plenty of Minnesota winters. We want to make sure your family is cozy and comfortable, too.

Finding a home exterior company you can trust

Trust is important in any business dealing, but it’s especially important when you choose a home exterior company. The quality of home exterior contractors’ work can affect your family’s comfort and your home’s energy efficiency. And, home improvement projects are a substantial financial investment. You need to be able to trust that a company will treat you fairly and provide high-quality work. How can you tell if you can trust a home exterior company? And what should you be able to trust that they will do? Here are some qualities to seek … and what you can expect a trustworthy company to do.

How can you tell if a home exterior contractor is trustworthy?
It’s worth doing some research before you choose a home exterior company. Ask these questions about a contractor before you make a commitment:

Has a company built up a relationship with the community? Have they won awards or been chosen for television shows or charity events?
How long have they served your geographic area? Have they worked in your town for years? Or, did they drive in because a storm hit?
Are they licensed and insured? You can ask to see a contractor’s license. Find out about their insurance, as well.
What do other customers say? Check reviews, the Better Business Bureau website, and customer references.
Do they stand behind their work? Do they offer a warranty on installation, as well as product warranties?

What should you be able to trust that a contractor will do?
When you work with a home exterior contractor, you should be able to trust that they will:

• Explain your options thoroughly and honestly
• Be knowledgeable about products and services
• Be friendly and pleasant to deal with
• Respect your budget
• Keep you informed about your project
• Offer high-quality products
• Provide efficient, skilled installation
• Clean up their work area carefully
• Follow up with you if you have any questions

At Minnesota Exteriors, it’s important to us to be a company you can trust. We’re a third-generation, family-owned company. Providing excellent service is something we take personally. During 70 years of business, we’ve built up a strong relationship with the Twin Cities community. We’ve won awards and appeared on television shows. We’ve posted customer references on our website. We also offer a Lifetime Workmanship Warranty on installations. When you come to Minnesota Exteriors, you can trust that you will receive skilled workmanship, quality products and conscientious customer service.

Wondering how to clean your siding?

Cleaning your siding can help your home look bright and appealing. There is an array of siding options available: Here is how to give three kinds of siding a good wash.

Vinyl siding

Vinyl siding has earned a reputation for being low-maintenance, and for good reason. When it’s time for a cleaning, you can spray vinyl siding with a hose. You could also clean it by hand. Depending on manufacturer instructions, you might also use a power washer. Check your care instructions – they may suggest using a mixture of common cleaning products to get your siding looking pristine.

Engineered wood siding

To clean engineered wood siding such as LP SmartSide, stay away from pressure washers. Instead, get out a pail and a brush or rag. Fill the pail with water and gentle detergent. Then wipe down your outside walls. Finally, rinse your home exterior with a hose.

Fiber cement siding

If you have James Hardie fiber cement siding, you can clean it with a light water spray or a hose. You can also use a cloth or gentle brush, but avoid using anything very scratchy. You can use gentle detergent, as well.

This is some general information, but the golden rule is: Follow manufacturer instructions. Manufacturers may have specific guidance about how to take care of a certain brand or product. Also, safety first: Keep water away from electricity. Before using a power washer on your home exterior, turn off the breakers to outside electricity. It’s smart to turn off the outside electricity even if washing your home with a hose, brush or by hand.

Many types of siding can look beautiful for years. Once you know the best way to clean your siding, you can help keep your home looking fresh.

To learn more about your siding – or which siding would be right for you  – come visit us at Minnesota Exteriors. We have a large showroom in Osseo where you can view many products in person. Chat with our friendly staff. We’ll help you find the answers – and products – you need to keep your home looking lovely.