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Seven smart resolutions for your home exterior

As the end of 2017 draws near, you may be thinking of New Year’s resolutions. As you plan what you’d like to achieve in 2018, remember to think about your home exterior. What maintenance or projects would you like to complete in the new year? Here are seven smart goals for your home.

1. Make sure your attic has effective insulation. This can help prevent ice dams. If you’re not sure how well your attic (or the rest of your home) is insulated …
2. Have an energy audit done. An energy audit can help you discover what you can do to make your home more energy efficient. Then the savings can really add up.
3. Prepare an emergency kit for your home. Hopefully you won’t have to use it, but stored supplies come in very handy if there is a power outage. From Elk River to Eden Prairie, it’s a good idea to pack away some flashlights, blankets, water and non-perishable food. And remember supplies for your pets!
4. Keep your gutters clear and in good repair. Whether or not water can successfully drain away from your home can make a significant difference in your home’s well-being.
5. Clean your siding – and entry doors. Giving your home exterior a good wash can help it look fresh and bright.
6. Have your roof inspected. Winter snow and summer rain can make an impact on shingles. It’s wise to find damage and repair it before it becomes worse.
7. Clean windows and check for leaks or cracks. The world looks so much brighter through clean windows. And keeping windows well-sealed and maintained can help you conserve energy.

Your home is such an important part of your life. So while you’re making goals for the New Year, remember to plan what you’d like to do with your home. Perhaps it’s time for new siding, windows or roofing. Whatever your needs, let us know how we can help. A trusted company, we’ve helped Minnesota families improve their homes for 70 years. We can help you keep your home beautiful and well-maintained in the new year.

5 Home exterior trends in 2019

Have you decided on your New Year’s resolution yet? Maybe it is getting around to those home improvement projects that you keep putting off? It is never too late to start researching what the latest home exterior trends are going to be for 2019. From colorful siding to updated windows, there is a world of options available. Here are five home exterior trends you may see in 2019. Which ones would you like to see on your home?

1.Scenic doors and windows. Larger doors and windows can bring more sunshine into your home and help you feel more connected with the great outdoors. Not to mention, they give you a more beautiful view. Respected window manufacturers in the industry include but are not limited to: Marvin Infinity, Weather Shield, and Lindsay. The sky is the limit when it comes to giving your home the look and feel you desire while keeping up with the latest trends.
2.Energy efficient home improvements. With the cost of living going up, people are looking for alternative ways to save money. This can be accomplished by replacing old drafty windows with energy efficient ones. Or by insulating and sealing your home to reduce air leaks with caulk, insulation, and weather stripping. If you haven’t started this trend already, it’s not too late. So jump on the bandwagon and start working to reduce your carbon footprint!
3.Colorful window frames. Window frames don’t need to blend in with the rest of your home. The biggest trend right now is black windows. The color enhances both the interior and exterior of the home, giving it a contemporary, clean appearance. When black is combined with white or natural trim, it gives your home a more modern farmhouse look.
4.Intriguing textures. Siding is available in many textures: vertical and horizontal, the look of shakes or lap siding. Why not use a few different choices for your home?
5.Low maintenance requirements. Busy schedules leave us with little to no time to get things done around the house. Today’s vinyl siding delivers the character and charm of a wood sided home without the maintenance worries. And the best part is, it never needs paint! Why stop at low maintenance siding when you can you purchase affordable, low maintenance windows to go with it?!

Updating your home exterior can make your house more efficient, as well as easier to care for. New siding, roofing and/or windows can also increase your home’s curb appeal. But even as you look at new trends and choose the newest products, make sure to look for old-fashioned service and commitment. Choose a home improvement company that can provide skilled installation. Find out what warranties a contractor provides – and ask how long they have served your geographic area.

Minnesota Exteriors is one of Minneapolis’s highest regarded exterior contractors’. We can provide both new trends and old-fashioned service. When you work with us, you’ll be able to select from multiple brands. You can choose styles and features that truly suit your home. And you can feel secure that your products will be properly installed; we offer a Lifetime Workmanship Warranty on installations. Whether you live in St. Michael or St. Paul, come browse our large Osseo showroom. You’ll find beautiful new styles and dedicated, knowledgeable service. We also provide free in-home estimates. Simply fill out the form located on the top of the page and someone will get back to you promptly to schedule an appointment.

What to Look For in Siding, Roofing, and Window Showrooms

When you’re shopping for home exterior products, the right showroom can make a huge difference. A spacious, well-stocked place to view products can help you understand your options. It can help you feel more comfortable. It can help you choose products you’ll be happy with. Here are four qualities to look for in a siding, roofing and windows showroom.

1. Choice. As you’re choosing where to purchase siding, roofing or windows, make sure you have sufficient choices available to you. Some companies may offer just one brand for a type of product. You should be able to choose from more than this. Making home improvements is a sizable investment. Make sure that you’re able to choose from multiple brands, so you can find the option that’s right for your home.
2. Knowledgeable, friendly staff. As you shop for home exterior products, you deserve to speak with trustworthy professionals. The team members you work with should thoroughly explain your options. They should be courteous and sincere – they should be people you enjoy working with.
3. Quality work. As you browse through the showroom, you should be able to trust that a company will provide skilled installation. Buying a quality product is only the first step: You need to know that a company will install it properly. Ask what warranties you will receive: Look for a warranty on installation, as well as manufacturer warranties. And look for a contractor who has built up trust and a strong reputation in the community. That leads to the fourth quality to seek in a showroom …
4. Longevity. Find out, how long has a company been in business? How long have they served your area? If a company has been in business for decades, that can speak volumes about their experience.

Choosing a home exterior company is an important decision. You deserve to work with an established provider who can offer you many options. You should feel secure that they are trustworthy, and that they will provide skilled work.

When you come see us at Minnesota Exteriors, you will find a spacious, comfortable showroom. We carry multiple high-quality brands, so you can find an option that’s a great fit for your home. Our friendly staff will be happy to chat with you about your choices. And we offer a Lifetime Workmanship Warranty on installations, so you can rest assured that your purchases will be skillfully installed. With an A+ rating on the Better Business Bureau website, you can feel secure we’ll provide excellent service.

Whether you’re from Anoka, Monticello or St. Paul, come visit our Osseo showroom. We’ve been in business for 70 years and have built a strong relationship in the community. We’ll help you find the home improvement products you need.

How to take Minnesota windows and doors beyond the basics

Windows and doors are a necessity, but they can also give your home originality. And, they can help protect your home and keep your energy costs down. You have options available to you that can make your home even more inviting. Here are six features that can help make your Minnesota windows and doors something really special.

Sidelights. Do you recall seeing tall rectangular windows to the left and right of a front door? These are sidelights. Sidelights are a stately touch that guests can see right away when they arrive.
Transoms. Transoms are the small windows you may see directly above doors. Transoms can allow more light to enter your home. Sometimes they have long horizontal shapes, or sometimes they are made of multiple panes. Available in many forms, they can add elegance to your home.
Shutters. A classic look, shutters could be a charming addition to your home exterior. When you’re choosing shutters, look for models that are low-maintenance. That way, you can enjoy shutters’ appeal without having to spend as much time taking care of them.
Colors. A fun trend is to make your windows and doors more colorful. Feel free to take a look at brighter (or darker) tones than you have considered in the past. Vivid window frames and doors can provide an appealing contrast to your siding.
Storm doors. From Becker to Brooklyn Park, Minnesotans understand the need for protection against the weather. Storm doors can help conserve energy. They can also help keep your front door in great shape.
Energy-smart windows. Features such as double and triple panes can help you keep your energy bills down. Also look for Low-E coatings, and windows that have Argon gas between the panes. Conserving energy can help the environment … and your budget.

When you’re choosing windows and doors for your home, you deserve lots of choices. You need to be able to find the styles and features that best suit your needs. That’s why at Minnesota Exteriors, we carry multiple high-quality brands. We want you to find products that will be assets for your home.

Come visit our Osseo showroom. We’ll help you find windows and doors that suit your home well. From shutters and storm doors to sidelights and transoms, we can help you find the right extra touches for your home.

4 Popular Home Siding Trends

Updating your siding can give your house a very different appearance. And in addition to making your house more beautiful, you might make it easier to maintain. Here are four home siding trends that could make you feel like you have a new home.

1. Wood pattern. Woodgrain gives your home a cozy, warm appeal. Options such as LP SmartSide can give you the beauty of natural wood, but with lower maintenance.
2. Cultured stone. Adding cultured stone to your home exterior can give your home a stately look. This material can give you the appearance of limestone or ledgestone. You can even find brick patterns. Cultured stone can also provide an interesting contrast to the rest of your siding. This leads us to …
3. Combining textures. You don’t need to stop with just one type of siding. Many homes now showcase two or more textures together. You may see both vertical and horizontal siding, or both short shakes and long horizontal lap siding.
4. Contrasting colors. Choosing a couple different colors is also an option. You could line your windows and doors with a light color – or even a bolder hue. Or you could use two shades of the same color on your siding.

When you update your home exterior in Minnesota, you definitely have a lot of options. To help you decide which colors and textures you’d like, in-person research can be very helpful. Visit a showroom where you can browse through large product samples. Talk with an industry professional. Find out what ideas he or she recommends for your home.

It’s a great feeling to come home to new siding. We can help make this happen. Come browse samples in our large showroom. We carry respected brands such as LP SmartSide, James Hardie, ProVia, EDCO and Rollex. Since 1947, we’ve helped many Twin Cities families improve their homes. Our friendly, knowledgeable team can walk you through your options. Let’s give your home a fresh, updated look.

Preparing Your Home for Minnesota Snow Storms

When many people think of Minnesota, they picture snow storms and ice. That’s understandable. For part of the year at least, Minnesota can experience significant snowfall. From St. Paul to Albertville, you need a warm jacket and sturdy boots. You also need to get your home ready for when harsh weather hits. Here are some legendary Minnesota storms from the past – and tips on how to prepare your home for future snowfall.

Storms from Minnesota’s history

Check out these facts from the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources about Minnesota snow …

Do you remember what you were doing October 31 through November 3, in 1991? This was when the Halloween Blizzard took place. More than 28 inches of snow fell.

And did you know it can still snow, even when it’s almost May? On April 27 – 28 in 1907, 13 inches of snow came down.

A more recent remarkable snowfall occurred on February 20 – 21, 2011. That’s when the Twin Cities received 13.8 inches of snow.

How to prepare for a Minnesota snow storm

All this talk about snow probably makes you want to get your family and home ready. It’s smart to make sure you always have emergency supplies stored, such as food, liquids, flashlights and blankets. You also want to plan ahead regarding your home exterior. For example, make sure your attic has enough insulation and ventilation; this can help you avoid ice dams. Cut tree branches that are getting too close to your house (you don’t want tree branches to break and then land on your roof). Keep gutters free of clogs, as well – you want melting snow to be able to drain properly.

We can help you get your home ready

If you have questions about getting your home exterior ready for snow storms – or if a storm has already hit and left you with damage – feel free to give us a call. Our company has served Minnesotans for 70 years. We’re very familiar with what a Minnesota winter can bring. Whether you need roofing, siding, gutters, windows or insulation, we’re a knowledgeable, trusted source. A third-generation, family-owned company, we want to make sure your family is warm and comfortable for winter, too.

Make your Minnesota windows shine for the holidays

These days, you may be hanging colored lights for the holidays. But how about your windows? You can hang festive decorations on them. But how do you get them clean first? Here are some tips for cleaning your Minnesota windows in winter. From Plymouth to St. Paul, cleaning your window panes can make your home even brighter.

Washing windows in cold weather
When washing your windows, the golden rule is to follow manufacturer instructions. But here are some general tips that can help you make your window panes gleam:

• Pick the right time of day: Do not clean windows while they are receiving direct sunlight.
• Begin by wiping off dust.
• As you wash your windows, you may want to wear thin rubber gloves, like you could wear for washing dishes.
• Unless the manufacturer specifies another option, you can try using windshield cleaner mixed with water as a cleaning fluid. Some manufacturers may want you to use a regular glass cleaner, or a mixture of water and gentle detergent. But remember …
• Mind the temperature: Hot water does not belong on cold window panes.
• Squirt your cleaner on a window, then you might use a squeegee tool. Pull the squeegee tool from top to bottom. Or, some manufacturers recommend utilizing a gentle brush, rag or even a sponge.
• If the liquid pools along the edges, use a paper towel to clean it up.
• Manufacturers may specify: Do not let your windows air dry. You might use a squeegee or rag.
• Also, do not use razor blades or harsh cleaners on your window panes.

Making your windows shine can help you welcome holiday guests to your home. Fresh, clean windows can also help you make the most of the sun we receive.

If you have questions about home windows – or if your home might need some newer, more efficient frames and panes – give us a call at Minnesota Exteriors.
We carry respected brands of windows in many styles, and we’ve served the Twin Cities for decades. You can feel secure that we’re an established company, ready to help you with knowledgeable advice and high-quality products.

Ready to Save Money? Get a Home Energy Audit

Would you like to save money on your energy costs? According to Energy.gov1, you could reduce your energy bill by 5 to 30 percent if you follow the recommendations of a home energy audit. Think how much those savings could add up, year after year. Getting a home energy audit could end up saving you quite a bit of money. And the more you know about home energy audits, the more comfortable you may feel arranging one. Here’s how to get ready for a home energy audit – and what an audit may include.

How to get ready for your home energy audit

Energy.gov provides helpful information about energy audits. The website suggests you do these two things before your audit:
• Gather your energy bills for the past year (or obtain a summary)
• Write down current issues you’re facing with your home

What your auditor may do

Your energy auditor may begin by taking a look at your home exterior, such as to see your windows and wall size. Next, he or she may ask you some questions, to better understand how you use your home. Then, your energy auditor may look for places where your home could be losing energy. Auditors may use advanced technology such as infrared cameras or blower doors.

Go for it – learn how to make your home more energy efficient!

From Blaine to Wayzata, there may be inefficiencies in your home that are just quietly costing you money. Or you may already suspect where your home is leaking energy, but you want to know for sure. Why not take a proactive step and have an energy auditor take a look? You could learn what steps to take to make your house more efficient.

If you have questions about how to get an energy audit, or what to do with the results, give us a call at Minnesota Exteriors. We’ve helped Minnesotans with their homes since 1947. We know how important it is to keep the cold outside. We’ll be happy to refer you to a reliable source for an energy audit. You may find out just what you need to make your house warmer and cozier.

1. Energy.gov. U.S. Department of Energy, energy.gov/energysaver/professional-home-energy-audits. Accessed November 2017.

Getting your home ready for a Minnesota winter storm

From Golden Valley to Anoka, you know the feeling: A winter storm is coming. Maybe people are discussing it around the office, or the kids heard about it at school. However you found out about the storm, you want your home to be ready. Here’s how to prepare your home exterior for a Minnesota winter storm – and what to do if your home does experience winter storm damage.

Prepare in advance

The best way to prepare for winter storms is to start thinking about them early. Keeping your home exterior well-maintained will help you be prepared when snow storms inevitably come along.

As you get ready, it’s a good idea to:

• Trim tree branches that are getting close to your home
• Unclog gutters, and make sure they’re draining water properly
• Get problem shingles fixed: Make sure your roof is in good repair
• Find out if your attic is sufficiently ventilated and insulated, to help prevent ice dams outside
• Check windows and doors for leaks
• Hang thick window curtains for extra insulation
• Make sure you have a shovel ready
• Plan how you’ll deal with ice on your sidewalk and driveway

Those are some ways to get your home exterior ready for winter storms. And after the storm passes, if the ice and winds did leave their mark on your house, here’s how to get started tackling it.

Get damage inspected and addressed

Winter storm damage can include injury to shingles and siding. If you think your home has experienced storm damage, call a professional to provide a storm damage inspection. Choose an established, local professional who has a track record of providing quality service in your area. Watch out for “storm chasers” who may drive in from out of town because they know a storm has hit.

Choosing a company to provide home exterior work is an important decision. If you need repairs, feel free to ask for your contractor for credentials: Choose a company with a valid contractor’s license, and who can provide you with customer references. Ask about warranties, as well: Inquire about both manufacturer warranties and a workmanship warranty. These will help you feel secure that your company will provide you with quality, skilled work.

If you need a contractor, Minnesota Exteriors is a trustworthy choice. We’re an award-winning company that has served local families for 70 years. We’ve earned an A+ rating on the Better Business Bureau website, and we offer a Lifetime Workmanship Warranty on installations. We’re happy to help you keep your home secure and comfortable in the Minnesota winter. Give us a call and find out how we can help you.

How to Keep Gutters Working Effectively

Gutters may not be the first thing to jump out at you when you’re looking at your home. Yet gutters play a very important role in keeping your Minnesota home in good condition. If gutters aren’t functioning well, ice dams can form on your roof’s outskirts and water can end up under your shingles. (Not to mention water leaking into your basement if gutters aren’t working properly.) So how can you help keep your gutters running smoothly? And what signs of trouble should you look for? Here are some tips on how to keep your gutter system in tip-top shape.

How to keep gutters working effectively

• Make sure your gutters aren’t blocked. All those fall leaves that looked so beautiful on the trees can plug up your gutters. If gutters are plugged, water can’t run throughout like it needs to. This could contribute to ice dams. It’s smart to clean out those leaves and keep your gutters clear.

Signs of gutter issues

• Water has left its mark. Take a look not just at your gutters themselves, but also the area around them. Do you see discoloration or other unpleasantness on your siding? Could it be from water going where it’s not supposed to? This damage could be a sign of gutter issues.
• You’re gaining an unwanted outdoor pool. Standing water caused by downspouts could be an indication that your gutter system needs work. You don’t want this water to freeze and get icy. Further, make sure downspouts are taking water far enough away from your foundation.
• Your gutters are loose or misshapen. If your gutters are starting to sag or veer away from your house, it could be from snow accumulating inside them. Or, the small parts that attach gutters to your house could need attention.

A well-designed gutter system plays an integral role in your home’s health. It’s worth taking the time to make sure your gutters are draining water properly. If you
have any questions about your gutter system, feel free to give us a call at Minnesota Exteriors. We understand the factors that go into designing an effective gutter system, and we’re experienced at putting in seamless aluminum gutters. A third-generation, family-owned company, it’s important to us to provide excellent
service. We enjoy helping clients from Minneapolis, St. Paul, Osseo and beyond. Let us know how we can help you.