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Four reasons to get hail damage repair now

Summer is turning to fall: Leaves are changing color on the trees, and you’re probably settling in to your autumn lifestyle. It seems like Minnesota’s June hailstorm happened a long time ago. But before you close the door on summer, it’s smart to make sure summer storm damage is found and repaired. Here are four reasons to take care of hail damage repair soon.

1. If left alone, storm damage could get worse. If your shingles have been compromised, water could find its way into your home and cause significant issues.
2. Hailstorm damage may not be clear without a closer look. Sometimes it takes experience and training to notice a storm’s impact on a home. The signs of storm damage may take a professional to find.
3. Fall can be a smart time for repairs. If you have cracks in your home siding, it’s wise to get the issue fixed before winter arrives. For example, you want to make sure your siding is still energy efficient.
4. There may be a time limit for filing an insurance claim. If a hailstorm has damaged your home, you may have a deadline to file a claim. It’s a good idea to check your policy and find out what time limits may apply.

If you’re not sure if your home has storm damage, ask a trustworthy contractor to inspect your home. Minnesota Exteriors provides free storm damage inspections. We’re a third-generation, family-owned company, and providing quality service to our community is important to us. We’ve earned an A+ rating on the Better Business Bureau website. We’ve worked with Minnesota families for 70 years, so we know what it takes to find and repair storm damage. When you invite us to your home, you can feel confident you’ll receive courteous, knowledgeable service.

Stop in and see us in Osseo or give us a call. We’ll be happy to assist you. You’ll feel peace of mind knowing your home has been professionally checked for storm damage.

The first question to consider when you need new home siding

When you decide to purchase new home siding, you’ll have many choices to make. One of the first decisions you’ll need to make is, what siding material is right for you? Here is an overview of four of the options – and some of the brands you may see.

  • Fiber cement. James Hardie fiber cement is designed to stay strong against moisture. It also helps protect against fire. The company has created fiber cement products to suit different climates – including the frozen weather Minnesotans know so well.
  • Engineered wood. Engineered wood is easy for installers to deal with. Further, it holds up against impact from small objects, and it can handle strong winds and rains. LP SmartSide engineered wood siding is designed to take on difficult weather.
  • Vinyl siding. Vinyl is a popular – and low-maintenance – option for home siding. ProVia offers several lines of vinyl siding, to suit different needs. HeartTech by ProVia comes in a wide range of colors that stay beautiful for years. CedarMAX insulated vinyl siding gives you further energy efficiency and resistance to impact.
  • Steel siding. Steel siding is long-lasting and easy to care for. And did you know you can buy steel siding with a wood-like texture? Rollex and EDCO are two quality brands of steel siding.

As you think about your siding options, you can decide what qualities are most important to you: durability, initial cost, appearance, or need for maintenance. To make the decision easier, come and visit us at Minnesota Exteriors. We’ll welcome you to our showroom and talk with you about your interests. You can view many of your siding options in person. You’ll learn more about your choices in a friendly environment. A third-generation, family-owned company, our priority is for you to be happy with whichever type of siding you choose. Stop by and tell us about your home.

What kinds of windows will you be glad to have this winter?

In fall and winter, it’s so nice to be able to gaze outside from a warm, cozy home. The materials and features you choose in home windows can have an impact on energy efficiency. So when you’re shopping for windows, what should you look for? Here are some window materials and features that can help your home be energy efficient this winter – and next summer.

Energy-efficient frame materials
If helping your home conserve energy is a focus for you, here are some window frame materials to look for:

  • Fiberglass. In addition to being smart about energy, fiberglass frames are low maintenance. They’re also strong.
  • Vinyl. Vinyl window frames are cost-effective and easy to take care of, in addition to helping you use energy wisely.
  • Wood. Wood window frames take some maintenance, but they are beautiful to look at and a sound choice for energy efficiency.

Features to seek
In addition to choosing a frame material, you can also look for certain window features that help you with energy conservation. Here are some features that can help keep extreme temperatures outside:

  • Low-E (low emissivity) coatings
  • Double or triple panes
  • Argon gas between panes

Windows with ENERGY STAR® certification can also help you feel confident you’re making an energy-efficient choice. And, it’s smart to choose a quality brand. Andersen, Lindsay, Weather Shield and Infinity from Marvin offer great options.

Minnesota Exteriors offers a variety of window brands and styles – and the experience to help you find what you’re seeking. We understand how important it is to conserve energy. Come visit us at our Osseo showroom, or give us a call. We’ve served Minnesota families for 70 years, and we’ve earned an A+ rating on the Better Business Bureau website. Tell us about your home and interests. Let’s talk about how we can help keep your home beautiful and comfortable, season after season.

To take care of your roof, there’s something else you need to look at

Keeping a strong, safe roof over your head is one of life’s most basic needs. You need it to protect you from the elements (which, in Minnesota, are always changing). To take good care of your roof, you need to take care of something less noticeable, too: your gutters. Here are some ways to be smart about your gutter system … and in doing so, help keep your home in good health.

  • Keep those gutters clear. Gutters are a part of your home that usually don’t attract much attention. They may not be as attractive as a windowpane or as eye-catching as brightly colored siding. Yet gutters can have a significant effect on your home. If gutters are full of leaves and other debris, water is forced to find a new destination. Water stranded on your roof could cause rot. Overflowing gutter water can also find its way into your basement, or stay in your gutters and freeze. So it’s important to keep gutters running smoothly. If climbing on a ladder to scoop out gutters doesn’t sound like a good afternoon, call in a professional. It’s worth it to keep your gutters functioning effectively.
  • Make sure your gutter system is properly designed. If gutters aren’t working well even when clean, it could be a question of design or installation. Minnesota Exteriors is a great resource for making sure your gutter system is well-planned. Our technicians take into account several factors, such as roof area and the roof line. We’ve served Minnesotans for 70 years. We want to help you keep your roof and gutters in good repair, season after season.

To take good care of your roof, there are other smart steps to take, too. Keep tree branches away. Remove leaves that have landed on your rooftop. Inspect your roof on a regular basis.

Minnesota Exteriors can help you take care of your roofing. We can also design and install your gutter system. Further, we offer free storm damage inspections. If you need roof work, we can provide skilled crews and quality products. And, we offer a Lifetime Workmanship Warranty. If you have questions about your roof or gutters, give us a call. We’ll help you keep your home in good repair.

Don’t let storm damage linger … File an insurance claim soon!

After a damaging storm sweeps through your neighborhood, your first instinct may be to just continue with life as usual. Your days are busy, and contacting an insurance agent may feel like something you can put off for a while. But it’s smart to file an insurance claim promptly. Here’s why you should get the ball rolling on your insurance claim – and some other tips to keep in mind if a storm strikes.

  • There may be time limits for when you can file an insurance claim. After a storm passes, you may be tempted to just shake it off. However, while you wait to file a claim, the damage to your home could be getting worse … and your time to file an insurance claim could be running short. After a storm damages your home, it’s wise to contact your insurance company promptly. Get the process started. This can help you get your home repaired – and save you significant amounts of money.
  • Photograph the storm damage. Be able to show someone what happened. And, take good notes about what was affected.
  • Be safe. As you walk through your property after a storm, keep an eye out for hazards such as glass shards.  
  • Choose a contractor carefully. Watch out for ‘storm chasers”. After a storm strikes, some contractors may drive in from out of town to offer you their help. But after the repairs are done, they may not be as easy to find anymore. Instead, choose a local company with a strong track record of providing quality service in your area. You’ll feel more secure working with a company that has an established history in your community.
  • No storm? Take pictures anyway. If you have not yet experienced storm damage, why not take some pictures of your home now? Then you can show a comparison if your neighborhood does get hit by a storm in the near future.

Repairs can be expensive and you want your home to be well-maintained. It’s definitely worth your time to contact your insurance company and find a dependable contractor. Contacting your insurance agent soon can help you get the money you’re entitled to. And you’ll feel more secure knowing your home has been thoroughly inspected – and properly repaired.

Minnesota Exteriors is a trustworthy choice to provide your repairs. We’ve been helping Minnesota families since 1947. And we offer a Lifetime Workmanship Warranty on installations. With our skilled crews, you can rest easy knowing we’ll provide quality workmanship for your storm damage repair. Give us a call and tell us about your situation.

What does autumn mean for your home siding?

Fall in Minnesota means a new school year, fresh routines and getting your yard ready for winter. Fall is also a good time to check on your home siding. The season gives you the opportunity to maintain, repair or replace your siding before cold weather strikes. Here are four guidelines to remember as you take care of your home in the fall.

1. Give your siding a good cleaning. Spring and summer weather is beautiful, but it can leave some of the fun behind on your siding. Depending on what kind of siding you have, take this chance to wash your home exterior. It will be much more pleasant to do so now than in December.
2. Check your siding for cracks or gaps. If water finds its way into cracks in your siding, your home could be affected by mold or even rot. In winter, if water gets into gaps between siding and the walls, this moisture could freeze and make gaps worse. Openings can also allow in not-so-cute critters: rodents or insects.
3. If you have siding damage, fixing it before winter can save energy. Replacing cracked, damaged siding with new, well-installed siding can mean reduced energy costs over the winter.
4. Fall weather can be a welcoming environment for siding work. Fall’s mild temperatures can be a great fit for working with materials such as vinyl.

Fall is a beautiful season of vivid colors and striking changes. It’s also a season of preparation. Taking care of your siding is a smart way to prepare for winter. As winter approaches, you’ll be glad to know your house has been well cared for.

If you think you may need siding repair or replacement, give us a call at Minnesota Exteriors. We’ve received Vinyl Siding Institute Awards, as well as Builders Association of the Twin Cities Trillium Awards. When you call us, you can feel confident you’ll receive knowledgeable advice. We’re happy to help: we’ve served Minnesota families for 70 years, and we want to make sure you’re ready for winter.

How to get your roof ready for fall … and winter

Fall in Minnesota means getting your home ready for change. As much as we love warm weather, we know winter will be here in a few short months. Performing maintenance now can help keep your home cozy and comfortable when the snow starts to fly. When you’re getting your home ready for the cold, remember to think about your roof. Here are five ways to get your roof ready for fall … and winter.

  1. Clear your gutters. If your gutters are clogged, stored water can freeze. This can be bad for your gutter system. Accumulated water can also have unwanted effects on your shingles.
  2. Consider cutting some tree branches. When branches get weighed down by snow, you don’t want them to crack and land on your home.
  3. Check your attic for signs of leaks. Do you see mold? Your attic could have a leak – or need more ventilation.
  4. Get roof issues fixed before the snow falls. But how do you know your roof needs repairs, or what should be done? Here’s what to do …
  5. Ask a professional to check your roof. It can take experience to spot roofing issues. Ask someone with training – and the proper safety equipment – to give your roof a thorough inspection.

Taking these steps now can help you find and fix small issues before they get worse. It may even help prevent some issues from starting. Checking on your roof will help you feel more prepared as the seasons change. As winter approaches, you’ll feel secure knowing your home is ready for snow.

Our professionals at Minnesota Exteriors are happy to help you get your roof ready for the next season. A third-generation, family-owned company, we know how important it is to keep your home well-maintained. We’ve helped Minnesotans improve their homes since 1947. And we’ve earned an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

After 70 years in business, we’ve seen a lot of winters come and go. Give us a call and schedule a free roof inspection. We’re here to help you in the long-term.

Home window technology to make your home more comfortable

Quality windows have features carefully designed to improve your home. This technology can help you save money on energy costs – and keep your home more comfortable and secure. As you shop for home windows, here are some features you may see.

  • Double or triple panes. When you look through a window, you’re often looking through more than one pane of glass. As you can guess, double-pane windows have two panes and triple-pane windows have three panes. This is all in the name of energy efficiency.
  • Argon gas. Sometimes panes of glass will have Argon gas between them.
    This makes your window an even better insulator.
  • Low-E coatings. Low-E refers to low emmisivity. A Low-E coating is a layer over the windowpane. This layer helps return heat where it came from – in other words, it helps indoor heat stay inside and outdoor heat stay outside. And, Low-E coatings can also help reduce UV rays.
  • Warm-edge spacers. Spacers separate panes on double- or triple-paned windows. Warm-edge spacers cause less of a long-term issue with condensation than older versions did.
  • Interlock. When sashes and frames interlock, they have a system to fit together especially well.
  • Extrusions. When you see the term “extrusions” or “extruded”, it means pieces were formed by pushing material through a “die”, a cut-out mold.

Another term you’ll encounter as you shop for windows is: U-factor. U-factor refers to the transfer of heat. It has to do with a window’s ability to insulate. A lower U-factor means better insulation.

Some features may be useful for your family; others may not. We’re here to help you decide which kinds of windows would be helpful for you. Give us a call, schedule an appointment, or visit us in our Osseo showroom. We’ll walk you through your options and help you find the windows that are right for you. A third-generation, family-owned company, we want you to be happy with your choice for the long term.