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Bay Windows: Adding a World of Benefits to Your Home

luxurious bay windows

Bay Windows are one of the most striking window types available. The brainchild of a Victorian architect, their tasteful design is still a standard of elegance.  Bay windows tend to be more expensive than most other types of windows. But they make up for it with beauty that can make a regular home more distinctive. Bay windows are an eye-catcher. They add to a home’s outside appearance, and also improve its inside atmosphere; they add a picturesque view and cozy nook to any room.

The most recognizable aspect of bay windows is that they have a main window frame in the middle, with two supplementary windows at an acute angle on either side.

Some of the main benefits of bay windows are:

· Charm

These windows add a touch of grace and old world charm to your home. They add a distinctive touch that makes your home unique and pleasant.

· “Curb Appeal”

Curb appeal is a property’s beauty as viewed from the street. Bay windows can increase a home’s curb appeal. A house with bay windows could have a higher asking price than other properties in the same neighborhood.

· Extra Space

A bay window provides an excellent view and a cozy place to sit. It’s the perfect nook to enjoy a cup of coffee or a good book – or to just look out the window and dream.

· Light

Almost all bay windows are built in three-window clusters. This structure allows light to come in from three directions simultaneously.

· Air

Since most bay windows are basically three windows in one main frame, opening them invites fresh air.  A bay window with a wire mesh screen is the perfect antidote to a stuffy room.

There was a time when bay windows were mostly found in nineteenth-century structures. Now they can be found in many brand new residences. To learn more about bay windows, contact one of the friendly folks at Minnesota Exteriors. We’ll be glad to discuss them with you further.

What You Need to Know About Energy-Efficient Windows

window efficiency through new windows

Installing energy-efficient windows is a significant investment. But in the long term, it can pay for itself. It can also make your home more beautiful and comfortable. Here is what to keep in mind as you consider window replacement.

Types of Energy-Efficient Windows

There are certain window designs that are inherently more efficient than others. Here are some common ones.

· Picture Windows

These windows don’t open. That may sound strange, but they work great in some areas. Further, they come in different sizes and shapes, which allows you to get creative with your designs.

· Casement Windows

Casement windows are perfect for windy weather. They are attached to the frame by one or more hinges.

· Double-Hung Windows

This type of window has two sashes sliding vertically up and down in the frame. They can be opened wide, either from the top or the bottom.

· Slider Windows

Slider windows have at least one operating window gliding along the track. They are a modern option that gives a contemporary touch to your home.

· Stationary Windows

These types of windows do not open, but they can be customized in many shapes and angles.

Other Factors to Keep in Mind

Here are some other topics to consider as you look for energy-efficient windows.

· Insulated Glass and Gas-Filled Windows

“Insulated glass” means that the panes of the window are separated by air in the center and edges, providing greater thermal efficiency. Ultimately, a good thermal insulation glass will help you save money with low energy bills.

Gas-filled glass is another modern window technology. It seals gas between the panes of the glass. The gas used is a better insulator than air, increasing the window’s thermal value.

· Low-E Glass

You may have heard about Low-E glass. Low-E stands for low emissivity. This means the glass is coated with clear material acting to cut the transmission of rays that come from outside the house. Low-E glass also improves the thermal efficiency of the window. It helps prevent the damage caused by ultraviolet rays, and cuts glare. If you live in an area with warm weather, low-E windows can make a difference in your air conditioning bill.

· Price

Cost is one of the first factors that will jump out at you. But remember, you are making a long-term investment, so also consider quality and functionality.

· Energy Star Label

If a product has a blue Energy Star label, you can feel confident that it is energy efficient.

There are several factors to consider when looking for energy-efficient windows. Feel free to consult with one of our experts at Minnesota Exteriors. We will be happy to learn about your needs and recommend some good options for you.

Five Reasons to Consider Double Glazed Windows

woman looking outside from behind double glazed windows

Almost all homeowners have single glazed windows in their homes. But with single glazed windows, rooms tend to become hotter during summer months and cooler during winter. This is one reason to consider window replacement. If you want energy efficient windows, consider a double glazed option. Here’s why.

1. You Can Save Money on Energy Bills

Double glazed windows have two panes (or layers) of glass, with a space in between. This reduces the amount of heat entering or exiting. Your house can remain cooler during the summer and warmer during the winter. This can help you save money on energy costs.

2. Your Home Can Have Better Soundproofing

Double glazed windows are thicker and tend to reduce the unwanted noise that enters your home. If your home is near high-traffic roads, noisy neighbors, or an airport, double glazed windows are something to consider. They can help you live in a more peaceful environment.

3. You Can Enjoy Improved Security

When you install double glazed windows, this can improve your home security. These windows are tougher to break completely through, since they have two panes. That’s another way they help you rest a little easier.

4. You Can Reduce Condensation

Condensation can be a serious issue if you live in an older home. Older homes can grow mildew and mold due to condensation. This can rot window frames and affect your family’s health. Double glazed windows can help reduce condensation and excess moisture on window panes.

5. You Can Help Keep Furnishings Bright

We all love sunshine, but when it strikes your furniture day after day, beautiful colors may start to fade. When you have double glazed windows, there are double protective layers, and your home and furnishings are better protected.

To learn more about double glazed windows, contact one of our friendly representatives at Minnesota Exteriors. We can explain how to incorporate energy efficient features in your home.

Top Five Factors Affecting Window Replacement Cost

woman admiring new windows

When it’s time to replace your windows, one of the first questions to pop into your mind is, “How much will window replacement cost?” It’s hard to know for sure until a professional gives an evaluation. But here are five factors that come into play.

· Material

One of the first choices you’ll make as you choose new windows is the material. Fiberglass, vinyl and wood are some of your choices. Each material has its own advantages – and cost. Wood may be one of the more economical options, but this depends on the type of wood you choose.

· Style

There are countless window designs and styles available. Some of your choices include double-hung, casement, awning, and bay or bow windows. Look for an option that suits your home and climate.

· Accessories

Besides choosing a material and style, you can even choose optional features for windows. Accessories such as grilles, artistic glass and special hardware can make your windows more distinctive. However, they can also add to cost. If keeping costs down is a priority for you, opt out of window accessories.

· Window Size

Are you planning to replace a single window, or are you considering replacing every window in your home? Further, how big are the windows? Window size is a key factor in price.

· Installation Cost

Many homeowners would like to install windows on their own, but it is wise to consider bringing in an expert for window replacement. An expert’s help can make installation less stressful. An expert can also make sure windows are installed correctly. Careful installation is a smart investment for the future.

It’s wise to stay within your budget. It’s also wise to choose quality. Get in touch with our experts at Minnesota Exteriors. We can help you make cost-effective window replacement choices that are a sound long-term investment.