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Suspect storm damage? Two kinds of checking that need to be done

After a hailstorm hits your neighborhood, it’s smart to have a home exterior company check your home for storm damage. But you should also check the home exterior company, to make sure they’re the qualified, trustworthy provider you’re seeking. Here is what home exterior contractors should check – and what you should check about them.

What contractors should check during a storm damage inspection
Storm damage is often not easy to see right away. But if it’s not fixed, it can lead to further issues. That’s why, if you suspect a storm has impacted your home, it’s wise to ask a contractor to take a look at your home exterior. Here are some of the places a trained professional should look:

• Downspouts
• Chimneys
• Flashing

What you should check about your storm damage contractor
When you allow contractors to check (and possibly repair) your home, you want to make sure they are skilled and conscientious. Here are some questions to ask before someone to works on your home:

• What insurance do you have?
• May I see customer references?
• Can you show me your contractor’s license?
• What warranties will I receive?
• Where are you based? How long have you worked in this area?

After storms, sometimes “storm chasers” drive in from out of town to offer repairs. They may be easy to find at first, but harder to locate if there are problems later. To help make sure you are dealing with a reputable company, ask a few questions. It’s not being nosy or rude. A trustworthy, qualified contractor will understand why you need to ask – and be glad to furnish the answers.

Minnesota Exteriors is happy to provide free storm damage inspections. We’ve served Minnesota customers for 70 years. A third-generation, family-owned company, we take personal pride in delivering excellent service. If you think your home may have suffered storm damage, invite us to take a look. We’ll take great care of your home – and you can be confident we’ll be here if you have any questions.

Four reasons to get hail damage repair now

Summer is turning to fall: Leaves are changing color on the trees, and you’re probably settling in to your autumn lifestyle. It seems like Minnesota’s June hailstorm happened a long time ago. But before you close the door on summer, it’s smart to make sure summer storm damage is found and repaired. Here are four reasons to take care of hail damage repair soon.

1. If left alone, storm damage could get worse. If your shingles have been compromised, water could find its way into your home and cause significant issues.
2. Hailstorm damage may not be clear without a closer look. Sometimes it takes experience and training to notice a storm’s impact on a home. The signs of storm damage may take a professional to find.
3. Fall can be a smart time for repairs. If you have cracks in your home siding, it’s wise to get the issue fixed before winter arrives. For example, you want to make sure your siding is still energy efficient.
4. There may be a time limit for filing an insurance claim. If a hailstorm has damaged your home, you may have a deadline to file a claim. It’s a good idea to check your policy and find out what time limits may apply.

If you’re not sure if your home has storm damage, ask a trustworthy contractor to inspect your home. Minnesota Exteriors provides free storm damage inspections. We’re a third-generation, family-owned company, and providing quality service to our community is important to us. We’ve earned an A+ rating on the Better Business Bureau website. We’ve worked with Minnesota families for 70 years, so we know what it takes to find and repair storm damage. When you invite us to your home, you can feel confident you’ll receive courteous, knowledgeable service.

Stop in and see us in Osseo or give us a call. We’ll be happy to assist you. You’ll feel peace of mind knowing your home has been professionally checked for storm damage.

Don’t let storm damage linger … File an insurance claim soon!

After a damaging storm sweeps through your neighborhood, your first instinct may be to just continue with life as usual. Your days are busy, and contacting an insurance agent may feel like something you can put off for a while. But it’s smart to file an insurance claim promptly. Here’s why you should get the ball rolling on your insurance claim – and some other tips to keep in mind if a storm strikes.

  • There may be time limits for when you can file an insurance claim. After a storm passes, you may be tempted to just shake it off. However, while you wait to file a claim, the damage to your home could be getting worse … and your time to file an insurance claim could be running short. After a storm damages your home, it’s wise to contact your insurance company promptly. Get the process started. This can help you get your home repaired – and save you significant amounts of money.
  • Photograph the storm damage. Be able to show someone what happened. And, take good notes about what was affected.
  • Be safe. As you walk through your property after a storm, keep an eye out for hazards such as glass shards.  
  • Choose a contractor carefully. Watch out for ‘storm chasers”. After a storm strikes, some contractors may drive in from out of town to offer you their help. But after the repairs are done, they may not be as easy to find anymore. Instead, choose a local company with a strong track record of providing quality service in your area. You’ll feel more secure working with a company that has an established history in your community.
  • No storm? Take pictures anyway. If you have not yet experienced storm damage, why not take some pictures of your home now? Then you can show a comparison if your neighborhood does get hit by a storm in the near future.

Repairs can be expensive and you want your home to be well-maintained. It’s definitely worth your time to contact your insurance company and find a dependable contractor. Contacting your insurance agent soon can help you get the money you’re entitled to. And you’ll feel more secure knowing your home has been thoroughly inspected – and properly repaired.

Minnesota Exteriors is a trustworthy choice to provide your repairs. We’ve been helping Minnesota families since 1947. And we offer a Lifetime Workmanship Warranty on installations. With our skilled crews, you can rest easy knowing we’ll provide quality workmanship for your storm damage repair. Give us a call and tell us about your situation.

What parts of your home could be affected by storm damage?

Snowstorms are not the only type of storm that can leave something behind. Summer and fall storms can bring strong winds, pounding rain and hail. These elements can damage your home. Here are some of the places in your home where warm weather storms may leave their mark. And, here’s what to do about it.

What could be damaged

  • Shingles. Storms can cause roofing shingles to fall off, get impacted or lose granules. After enough wind, rain and hail. you may even find holes.
  • Siding. Your siding could be dented, cracked or pulled away.
  • Soffit and fascia. Soffit (the boards hidden underneath the protruding section of your roof) and fascia (the long narrow board under your roof that is easily visible from the outside) can also be harmed in a storm.
  • Gutters. Your rain gutters may get dented – sections may even have disappeared.
  • Windows. During a storm, your windows may suffer cracks, or worse.

What to do after a strong storm

If a powerful storm has struck your neighborhood, it’s smart to ask an experienced professional to check your home for damage. The effects of a storm may not be visible right away, but they can still cause lasting issues. Your home should be thoroughly checked, so you can fix any problems before they get worse.

The next question is, who should you ask to inspect your home? Look for a trusted company with an established history in your area. Watch out for “storm chasers” who drive in from out of town. Storm chasers may appear on your doorstep after a storm strikes, but they may not be so easy to find if you have issues in the future.

Minnesota Exteriors is a dependable local company you can trust. We’ve served Minnesota families for 70 years. When you work with us, you can feel confident that we’ll be here if you have questions.

Call us today or stop in and see us in Osseo. We’ll be happy to learn about your needs and give your home a thorough free inspection.

Why is storm damage repair so important?

A storm can cause damage to your home – damage that can be either easy to see or barely noticeable at first. Whether this damage is immediately visible or not, it’s wise to check into it. Why is it so important to find and fix storm damage? Here are seven issues storm damage can cause.

  1. Cracked or lost shingles. Storms can cause shingles to lose their granules. Storms can also cause shingles to break.
  2. Leaks and holes. When shingles can no longer do their job, water may be able to enter your home more easily. This water may cause …
  3. Wall discoloration. You want to remember this summer from photographs and stories, not from marks on your walls.
  4. Water buildup. Water is beautiful at the lake. Not in your basement.
  5. Rot and mold. These issues are definitely not pleasant – or very safe.
  6. Gutter damage. After a strong storm, even your gutters may be impacted.
  7. Structural damage. When water finds its way into your home, it can affect your roof and safety.

Rather than wonder if a storm has caused damage, it’s smart to have a professional check your home. You’ll feel more secure knowing an experienced pro has taken a look at your roof, siding and windows. You want to correct any issues before they get worse.

When choosing a home exterior professional, it’s smart to choose a local contractor with an established reputation. Check contractors’ ratings on the Better Business Bureau website. Ask to see their proof of insurance, and contractor’s license. You want to make sure your contractor is qualified and skilled.

Minnesota Exteriors has served Minnesota for 70 years. We have an A+ rating on the Better Business Bureau website, and you can feel confident asking us to check your home. Customer references are available on our website. We’re committed to providing quality service you can recommend to your friends and family. Give us a call and schedule a free storm damage inspection. We’ll help you keep your home beautiful and well-maintained.

Why “roofing company near me” is a smart search

According to Google Trends, an increasingly popular roofing phrase to search for is: roofing company near me. Especially if you have storm damage, this is a wise search to run. Here’s why.

Storm chasers

When a powerful storm strikes, contractors from out of town often drive in to offer their services. They may want to provide help with roofing repair, siding replacement and other repairs. But after the project is over, they may not be as easy to locate. If you need to take advantage of warranties, or if other questions come up, storm chasers can be difficult to find.

Why you should go local

If you think you may have storm damage, it’s a good idea to work with a local company. When you work with a company who has served your city for years, it’s easier to make sure your contractor is an established, qualified professional. You’ll feel more secure knowing you can walk right into a company’s office or showroom.

And how do you know you have storm damage?

If you see any of these signs, you know it’s time to find a skilled, trusted home improvement company:

  • You notice leaks
  • It looks like some granules have fallen off your shingles
  • Your shingles have cracks, glossy areas, dents or discolored spots
  • You can see that your roof has lost some shingles

Keep in mind that the damage may not just be on your roof. Your siding could be cracked or impacted. You’ll want to check your windows and window frames, as well.

It’s smart to take a walk around your yard to look for damage after a storm. However, some storm damage may take a professional to notice. If your neighborhood has been hit by strong winds or hail, find a contractor you can trust to provide a knowledgeable inspection.

Minnesota Exteriors has served Minnesota families for three generations. For 70 years, we’ve provided skilled repairs and improvements. Give us a call or fill out our online form – we’re happy to provide a free inspection of your siding, roofing and windows to look for storm damage. And you know we’ll be available if you have questions in the future.

How do you know you have hailstorm damage?

The hailstorm that hit the Twin Cities on June 11 caused many families damage to their home. Some of the damage from wind and hail was obvious. But sometimes it’s not as easy to tell if your home needs repairs. There are some signs you may be able to see from your yard – and other signs it may take a professional to find.

Here are some signs you can look for, to help you see if your home has hailstorm damage:

  • Scarred siding
  • Chipped window frames
  • Dings on gutters

These are signs that may be easily visible. But for a thorough inspection, a skilled professional should inspect your home – including taking a look at your roof. He or she needs to look for damage such as missing granules on shingles. This is not a task for everyone. It takes training and special safety precautions. But it’s important. What seems like a small imperfection in your shingles could result in a leak in the future.

When you’re choosing someone to conduct a storm damage inspection on your home, make sure to choose a local, well-established company. “Storm chasers” from other areas may offer to provide storm damage repair, but they may not be easy to find later if you have questions. Choose a company with a long track record in your area, so you can feel secure that they will be there to stand behind their work.

If you suspect you may have hail damage, a professional from Minnesota Exteriors will be happy to come out and inspect your roof and siding. We’ve served Minnesota families for 70 years, so we’re well-acquainted with what Minnesota weather can bring. We’re a family-owned business and we take pride in providing quality service you can recommend to your family and friends. Call us today to arrange a free inspection. You’ll feel better knowing your home has been thoroughly checked.

Why you might need storm damage repair

Summer in Minnesota can bring blue skies, inviting lakes and sometimes, intense storms. These storms can leave their mark on your home. It’s smart to know ahead of time what storm damage may include, so you can be on the lookout. Here’s what can happen in a storm – and how to look for the right contractor if you do need storm damage repair.

Hail is one of the elements that could damage your home during a storm. Hail may impact the exterior of your home. It may also break windows or dent your home’s siding. Your roof could be impacted. Roofing shingles may lose granules, get holes or fall off … and roof damage could cause leaks.

A hail storm may cause issues that are not visible right away. Sometimes the layer under shingles has been harmed. So if hail has paid you a visit, it’s a good idea to have a professional take a look at your home. Seasoned roofing experts may notice damage that’s behind the scenes.

Strong winds can do everything from join forces with a thunderstorm to move down or in a straight line. Wind can affect your roof. Wind may even remove siding or carry other objects. It can dislocate trees and branches.

Hopefully your area will have a peaceful summer. But if it turns out you need storm damage repair, look for a qualified local contractor. Ask how long they’ve worked in the area. Make sure they’re not a “storm chaser” who drove in from another location. Ask to see their contractor’s license, and find out if they’re insured.

Minnesota Exteriors has served Minnesota families for over 70 years. We provide a limited lifetime warranty on all workmanship in addition to the manufacturer’s warranties on materials. We carefully screen any potential contractors, including checking for their rating and complaint history on the Better Business Bureau’s website. An A+ rating, like the one we have, is the best possible rating. If you need storm repair, give us a call. We’ll provide quality service you can trust.

How to feel better about hail damage repair

When storm damage strikes your home, your instinct may be to choose a repair contractor as quickly as possible. That’s understandable – you want repairs done fast so you can keep your family warm and dry. But make sure to ask potential contractors important questions before hiring them for hail damage repair. You want to make sure your contractor will be trustworthy and provide skilled work.

Here qualities to seek when choosing a contractor:

  • Established history in the area. Find out, how long has a company worked in your area? Do they have a well-developed relationship with your community, or did representatives drive in because a storm hit? Look for a contractor who is local.
  • Proof of insurance. Seeing proof of insurance will help you have peace of mind. A good contractor should be happy to provide this for you.
  • A valid contractor’s license. Asking to see a valid contractor’s license is smart due diligence, as well.
  • Warranties. Ask, is there a warranty on the contractor’s workmanship? And, what manufacturers’ warranties come with the products?
  • Customer references. Find out if your contractor has previous customers who are willing to speak with you about their work.

You deserve to work with a company you can trust. Your contractor should be only a phone call away if your home needs further attention. A repair company should be there to stand behind its work. When repairs are finished, you want to feel secure in the knowledge that they were done right.

Minnesota Exteriors has served Minnesota families for 70 years. We’re a trusted, established, family-owned company. It’s a matter of principle for us to provide quality repairs. We’ll carry out an inspection, talk with you about your options and provide a free, unconditional estimate at your home. We provide a limited lifetime warranty on all workmanship.

We understand how much storm damage can impact your family. We’ll work with you quickly and professionally to get your life back to normal. We’re glad to know you feel more safe and secure in your home.

Roof Repairs: A Vital Necessity

Whenever you plan renovations and repair work on your property, roof repairs should literally be ‘right on top’ of any list of priorities that you may have made. The main reason for this is that a roof that has cracks or holes in it is a hazard for the occupants of the house on many different levels.

You just might find water dripping on your head during a downpour, or worse, water seeping quietly though the walls may wind up in electrical outlets causing a short circuit.   Such an eventuality might mean the destruction of your electrical appliances, and perhaps even lead to your whole house burning down as well.  This is why any repair work to the roof should be conducted on an urgent basis.  Indeed, roof repairs should be conducted as soon as possible, before matters get worse.

Roofing contractors and companies

You must remember that repairing your roof is not a job for amateurs and novices and any mistakes may make the problem worse. This is why it is imperative that you contact a well-known professional roofing company like Minnesota Exteriors Inc. before starting any work regarding roof repairs.

But even before that you have to find out just what kind of roofing system has been used in your home. Some popular roofing systems include:

  • Owen Corning roofing
  • GAF Timberline roofing
  • CertainTeed shingles.

Now that you know what you are dealing with, try and approach many a different roofing contractor and get them to give you their own roofing quotes for each and every different aspect of the work that would be required for your roof repairs.

Once you settle on a specific roofing company, let the experts decide if you require mere routine maintenance work, extensive renovation or complete roof replacement. 

However, it is best to keep in mind that a roof is also subjected to wear and tear like other parts of your property due to its constant exposure to the elements. Moreover, if no repair work has ever been carried out on your roof, you should be mentally prepared for massive renovations or even full roof replacement. At the very least, you just might need to replace a few of your asphalt shingles.

Any damaged shingles must be replaced immediately with fresh ones because the former would allow water to leak through during rainfall and result in eroding the protective paint and/or the layers of lacquer on your main overhead wooden beams. In time, they would rot away and would not be able to sustain the weight of the roof above, with potentially catastrophic results for both your home as well as your loved ones.

As a general rule, asphalt shingle repair is not really a good idea since fresh shingles are relatively inexpensive and easily available, which is why it is always better to remove the old worn out shingles and replace them with new ones. Fortunately, many a shingles company would do the job for you quickly and efficiently, so that your roof remains as seamless as it ever was.